Net Zero Football Match: The First Of Its Kind

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Net Zero Football Match will be a historic event. The rising levels of carbon have been a constant area of concern. Globalization led to the extensive use of carbon components. Carbons are everywhere. The cellphone we use, the car we drive, televisions, fridges, air conditioners, all emit carbon. All these carbons get trapped in the atmosphere of the Earth. This causes the greenhouse effect and in turn, results in global warming. Global warming has some serious consequences.

Melting of polar ice caps, abnormal changes in temperatures, rise in the sea levels are some of the threats posed by carbon emissions. These emissions, thus, need to be reduced soon. Two of the most prestigious clubs of the English Premier League have decided to come forward. Tottenham Hotspur & Chelsea have agreed on the Net Zero Football Match to address the issue of carbon emissions. 

Net Zero Football Match Sees Spurs & Chelsea Face-Off 

A fantastic initiative has been taken by a couple of top Premier League Clubs. Tottenham Hotspur & Chelsea have decided to play the Net Zero Football Match on September 19. The historic match will aim to reduce the carbon emissions for that day. Several initiatives have been taken up by the clubs. Audiences have been instructed to use pool cars to attend the match. 

Almost over a hundred people are associated with the proper execution of a football game. All of them will work in unison to make sure that minimum levels of carbon are emitted. The football match has been termed as “Game Zero”. The Spurs have encouraged their fans to opt for a plant-based diet and waste recycling on match day.

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The team of Tottenham is said to be traveling to the stadium by buses running on biofuel. Tottenham also has more plans apart from the Net Zero Football Match. The team is also planning a mass tree plantation drive very soon. Daniel Levy is the Chairman of Tottenham. He stated that the Spurs were the most eco-friendly club in the league. Levy urged everyone to come forward and make little changes. He said that these little changes would benefit the earth and make it a greener place to dwell on. 

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