Netherland Trains Run By Wind

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Netherland Trains are setting an example for the rest of the world. The country of the Netherlands is well known for its zero-tolerance policy towards pollution. They have devised a number of ways to reduce the ill effects of the rising pollution. 

The latest inclusion to the list are trains powered by wind energy. None biodegradable sources of energy are one of the biggest headaches in the modern world. Fuels like petrol and diesel contribute a lot to air pollution. 

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Even the production of electricity requires the burning of a huge amount of coal. The fumes produced by burning fossil fuels are toxic. They can be deadly both to the atmosphere as well as to man. These gases do not mix with the atmosphere. 

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Instead, they rise and form a layer of gases. This layer traps the heat within the Earth’s atmosphere. This phenomenon is known as the Greenhouse effect and it can prove catastrophic to mankind. Such an effect contributes largely to the rising global temperatures. 

A rise in Earth’s surface temperature would lead to the melting of the Polar ice caps. Thus, it is very much necessary to come up with alternative and eco-friendly sources of energy quickly. Netherland trains seem to be providing just the right idea to the world at the moment. 

The Netherlands has become the only country in the world to power its trains one hundred percent with wind energy. This does not come as a surprise because the country is famous for its huge windmills. 

Harnessing electricity from the winds is a common practice in the Netherlands. They have an extensive provision for wind energy. Previously, the country had powered a number of its key operations with wind energy. 

Recently, the focus has been shifted to the Netherland trains. Let us learn more about the topic in detail below. 

Netherland Trains: The Eco-Friendly Railway In The World 

Netherland Trains have achieved the status of being hundred percent eco-friendly. The program was initiated by one of the leading railway organizations in the Netherlands. 

Nederlandse Spoorwegen decided to abandon all of their old trains. Instead, they introduced the more greener option from 1st January 2017. Several year’s hard works resulted in the success of the idea. They collaborated with a company named “Eneco” to make their vision a reality. 


Eneco is one of the main organizations that supply sustainable energy. What is more fascinating is the fact that the company reached its mission a year prior than expected. 

The Dutch have made significant breakthroughs in harnessing wind energy over the years. During the year 2015, they set up turbines that generated a whopping 586MW worth of electricity. The Global Wind Energy Council certified the machines to be groundbreaking. 

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Soon after, the country came up with another machine that was capable of generating 700MW of electricity. This was also the most cost-effective machine designed by the country. 

Netherland Trains Sets An Example For The World 

The Netherland Trains are proving to be an ideal example for the world. It is a perfect example of what one can achieve with proper planning, execution, and willpower. 

NS runs a total of 5500 trains daily. On average, 600,000 people use the railway services daily. This operation requires almost 1.2billion kWh worth of electricity. The amount of electricity required to power the trains each day is equivalent to the power consumed by a big city. 

It is an absolute shocker that the Netherlands generates the amount using only wind energy. Netherland Trains use wind energy to power the lights, air conditioners, and other electrical devices. 

The traction motors also depend upon wind energy for functioning. A single turbine is capable of powering a train for 120 miles in one hour. 

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