Meet 4-Year Old Nina Gomes:  The Aspiring Environmentalist Cleaning Up Polluted Brazilian Rivers

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With 11 million tons of plastic ending up in the planet’s oceans each year, it needs a 4-year-old to remind us that we need to clean it up too. Ricardo, Nina Gomes’s father, is the director of Instituto Mar Urbano, dedicated to minimizing the effects of marine disasters. His daughter is a source of inspiration to others.

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Nina Gomes accompanies her father and helps in cleaning up the shores of Rio de Janeiro. Ricardo calls his daughter a mini-defender, as the father-daughter duo grabs pieces of plastic floating in the Guanabara Bay of the river. She is aware that her efforts will save the turtles and fish as millions are choked and poisoned in rivers, lakes, and oceans around the world.

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Fresh research has found that approximately 5 trillion pieces of plastic are floating around the oceans of the planet, and they are doing more than killing the seabirds. While birds, turtles, and fish regularly end up consuming plastic, bits of microplastics have covered the oceans getting mixed with the plankton which is the basic source of food for fish, birds, and even whales.

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Around 400 species of fish, birds, mammals, and reptiles abound in the Guanabara Bay Area, according to the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation. The birds, animals, and fish get trapped and choked to death as they get trapped or when they consume the plastic.

Nina Gomes Is The ‘Breaking Point Of Love’

Nina Gomes’ father says that from a very young age she was concerned that people would litter the beach and never could understand the reason behind it.

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Ricardo hopes that young Nina Gomes’ act will motivate others to break out of their indifference towards the environment. He says that children who are confined to a world of concrete never get a chance to get acquainted with their natural world and do not learn to defend the land and oceans from rapid pollution

Nina Gomes’ father loving calls her the breaking point of love. He says that the attitude that we show today towards nature will ultimately define what we leave to our nations.

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