Oil Cleanup More Effective With Human Hair

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Oil Cleanup is an issue that is bothering everyone today. Large amounts of harmful oils are often spilled in the ocean. This oil is chemical and blocks air passage through them. This property of the oil proves to be deadly for marine life. The aquatic creatures derive oxygen from the water to breathe. Blockage of air will result in a depleted supply of oxygen, which in turn will lead to serious consequences. These harmful oils can also be consumed by the fishes and other animals resulting in their deaths. 

Many incidents of oil spills have been reported throughout the year. One of the recent ones includes the leakage in Syria. A thermal power plant unknowingly spilled harmful oil into the ocean. A large part of the Mediterranean Sea is affected by the leak. The oil leaked from one of their tanks containing 15000 tons of oil. The oil not only caused a mess in Syria but it also started expanding. Reports we’re out that the oil might reach the shores of Cyprus soon. These types of occurrences can be fatal and pose a serious threat to the environment. 

The only solution to the problem is cleaning up the oil. However, it is not as easy a procedure as it may sound. Cleaning up oils from the ocean is a complex and very tough task. Most governments use hose pipes and sponges to soak in the oils. This method requires a great deal of hard work and does not work effectively. great site  

A recent study revealed there is a much better alternative for oil cleanup from the oceans. The research team found out that the hairs of human beings can soak more oil. Let us learn in detail about the fascinating study.

Oil Cleanup
Oil Cleanup

Oil Cleanup Has A “Hairy” Solution? 

A recent study has been conducted on the effectiveness of various materials. The materials were tested to find who can soak up oil the most. Fittingly enough, the study stated that human hair is the most effective tool to soak in harmful oils. It can significantly retain more amounts of petrochemical oil than traditional means. The world was desperate to find an effective oil cleanup measure. Its answer seemed to lie in front of our eyes and we did not recognize it so far. 

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We apply shampoo on our scalp because of a simple reason. Our hair can absorb OIL! The clean wave project designs mats made up of the hair. It also produces hair booms and several other commodities that can absorb oil. Clean Wave obtains these hair pet groomers, salons, etc. 

Oil Cleanup: A Detailed Roundup

During the testing phase, several different materials were used. Animal furs, hairs of horses, feathers were used to make booms and mats. The human hair was a no-brainer after the initial experiments. The idea of soaking up oil using human hair dates back to 1989. The year saw the Exxon Valdez oil spill massacre. 

A resident of Alabama named Phil McCory experimented on his own. Phil owned a hair salon. He purposely spilled one gallon of exhausted motor oil. Next, he used one of his wife’s pants to stuff it up with hairs from his salon. Much to Phil’s astonishment, the oil cleanup was completed within minutes! 

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Phill channeled his experiments into a business idea. He has been making oil cleanup mats from human manes for twenty years now. Phil has also collaborated with a charitable foundation, Matter of Trust. Together they now process hairs weighing 167,830kg and furs weighing 136,000kg each day. 

One of the co-founders of the charity is Lisa Craig Gautier. Gautier looks to expand their reach further and encourage people to donate hair. The charity has already expanded to countries like Japan, Chile, Finland, Greece, Belgium, England, France & Spain. 

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