Orphaned Kangaroo And His Beloved Golden Teddy

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An image of an orphaned kangaroo hugging a golden teddy bear is melting the hearts of people on social media and is going viral all over the world. 

 Doodlebug, an eastern grey kangaroo, was pictured on the property of Gillian Beshara, a wildlife caretaker in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

 The photo rapidly went viral on the internet. Daily Mail Australia reported that Tim Beshara was amazed that the heart-warming image of the orphaned kangaroo had become so popular. He expected the image to be popular locally but when he learned that the image had reached Brazil and Russia he was shocked. Certain American morning shows aired the image too.

Orphaned Kangaroo

 Tim Beshara, an adviser to Greens senator for Tasmania Peter Whish-Wilson, uploaded the photo of the eastern-grey kangaroo on Wednesday. He explained that his wildlife concierge mother, Gillian Abbot, took the photo from her home in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

 Tim had initially misidentified Doodlebug as a wallaby. His mother later corrected him saying that Doodlebug was actually an eastern-grey kangaroo, also known as forester kangaroo.

 Doodlebug, weighed a mere 3 1/2 pounds when he was discovered on the side of a road in Grafton, New South Wales, in south-eastern Australia.

Months have passed since the orphaned kangaroo was rescued. Tim Beshara and his mom, Gillian Abbott, cannot help but wonder why he was all alone. 

Orphaned Kangaroo

Tim told CBS News that the mother could have died because of a car accident or a dog attack. It was also possible that the baby kangaroo had been abandoned by the mother for unknown reasons.

Adopting The Orphaned Kangaroo

Australian wildlife rehabilitator Gillian Abbot rescued this orphaned kangaroo when it was about two months old. She raised the baby and gave it a teddy bear to cuddle with.

 Doodlebug, now almost an adult, is on his next adventure. He has been released into the wild.

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The orphaned kangaroo visits whenever he pleases now. It is what animal-rescue experts term as “soft return” to the wild. Each time the eastern grey kangaroo returns home, he finishes the food in his bowl and hugs his teddy without fail. The teddy has been considerately tied up to dangle at a huggable height.

 The orphaned kangaroo loves cuddling the teddy bear. The orphaned animal has recovered and is now roaming the wild. The teddy has definitely helped the orphaned kangaroo to cope and has always provided comfort to the now 15-month-old kangaroo.

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