Pakistan Goes For The 10 Billion Trees Plan: Results Come In Within A Year

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The immediate need for rapid afforestation has been realized by governments and organizations across the world. The negative impact of global climate change is being faced by every person on the planet.  One such initiative, the ‘10 billion trees plan’ promises to transform large areas of Pakistan, and the ‘before’ and ‘after’ videos are sure to elicit gasps of pleasure from watchers. These measures help people participate in and contribute to the greening of the planet.

The 10 billion trees plan was shared by the adviser to the country’s minister for climate change. He showcased the before and after-effects of the greening of the barren countryside.

An Inspiring Before And After Video Of The “10 Billion Trees Plan’

Malik Aslam shared an inspiring video of the Balloki Nature Reserve. It is near Lahore, Punjab and the lush and flourishing landscape belies the fact that it was barren land just over a year back. The reserve was inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan in 2019 under the 10 billion trees plan. The transformation of the area within a year is phenomenal.

10 billion trees plan
10 billion trees plan

The ‘10 Billion Trees Plan’ also known as the ‘10 billion Trees Tsunami’ was launched and backed by the government of Pakistan. There are plans to achieve the target within 5 years. Several other objectives are part of the plan and linked to the objectives. This includes an increase in the forest area, the rehabilitation of degraded forest cover, the protection of green areas, plus saving the wildlife that thrives in the forests. There are other benefits of the project including the creation of jobs among others.

Trees protect the topsoil from rapid degradation and guard and enrich the soil underneath. The enriched subsoil in the replanted areas soon teems with biodiversity. Crops that are grown in bio diversified areas are also more resilient and generally immune to droughts, uneven rail fall, and fluctuating weather.

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More than 20,000 hectares of lush forested areas were planted by 2020. An area of over 350,000 hectares was planted in natural regeneration and planting form. The ’10 Billion Trees Plan’ has already led to the creation of around 3,500 enclosures in projects controlled by the state.

The ’10 Billion Trees Plan’ is being implemented in 27 divisions of three regions. Progress has been rapid in most locations where they were undertaken. The project has earned recognition and praise from the WWF, the World Economic Forum, and IUCN.

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