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Pakistan’s Buffalo Interview Is The Funniest Thing On The Internet

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Amin Hafeez was recorded taking a buffalo interview, which left the Netizens shocked and laughing their hats off.
The Pakistani journalists asked the animal if it liked the city and was enjoying its food.

Pakistani journalists have always created something different and stirred up a storm on the internet. Their reporting styles and unusual subjects are really hilarious. The latest clip to go viral is a buffalo interview during Eid.

The Person Behind Buffalo Interview: Amin Hafeez

Amin Hafeez is a journalist from Pakistan and is famous for his animal interactions. He decided to get hold of a buffalo and ask about its feelings in Lahore. The first question he asked was about the city, itself and how the buffalo was enjoying the city.

Amin held a small microphone during the buffalo interview and held it towards the animal’s mouth. The buffalo replied with a moo which Amin interpreted as a “yes”.

The second question was even funnier. He asked the buffalo to compare the food of Lahore and the one from his native village. The buffalo replied with a moo, again. Amin seemed excited with his answer and jumped up saying that the buffalo likes the food in the city.
This clip got more fame when Naila Inayat tweeted the video. Naila is another journalist from Pakistan and wrote that EId was nothing without the antics of Amin Hafeez and his buffalo interview.

This is not the first time that Amin has had massive popularity. The last time he got such fame was in 2016 when he interviewed a cow. The 2016 video made the people of Pakistan and India laugh out loud and appreciate the humor that he portrayed.

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The other clip that made him famous was a donkey interview, where Amin reported donkey business by taking a risk on his own life.

Some people were left baffled by his videos and actions, while the vast majority of people were happy that such a thing happened as it brought a smile to their faces, during the pandemic.

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