Paris Speed Limit Curtailed To 30kph

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Paris Speed Limit has been updated. A recent announcement from the government has limited the speed to 30kph. This is a new rule that everybody should abide by. The speed limit will be enforced on all of the roads of Paris. The government stated that this approach would help to stem the pollution levels. The modern world is plagued by all sorts of pollution. Air pollution is the most concerning of all. Harmful gases are emitted into the air every day. This leads to the process of global warming. Governments from all over the world are trying to find ways to reduce pollution. The new Paris Speed Limit is expected to enhance road safety as well. 

Paris Speed Limit Receives Mixed Reactions 

The Paris Speed Limit will allow the drivers at a maximum speed of 30kph. This has left the public opinion divided into two. Most of the citizens are against this law. They stated that slower speeds would lead to more traffic jams. This could, in turn, add to the emission of greenhouse gases. 

People from the delivery fields were very much dissatisfied with the rule. One of them coined the rule as ‘terrible’. He stated that the delivery business requires punctuality. People expect to get their orders in time. Slower speeds would lead to more time for each delivery. This can eventually harm the business as the number of orders delivered can decrease.

Another percentage of citizens have welcomed the idea. They did not have any complaints about the newly implemented rules. A survey was conducted among the locals. 51% of the French were happy with the new rule. 

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David Belliard is the Deputy Mayor of Paris. He stated that the Paris Speed Limit wanted people to encourage walking and cycling. That would reduce the number of vehicles on the road. The Paris government decided to scrap 60000 parking slots out of the available 144,000. This decision was undertaken to discourage the people from bringing personal vehicles to Paris. The scrapping of parking spots will also allow more free space for pedestrians to use. 

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