Paris Traffic Ban: Cars To Go Off The Road From The City Centre By 2022

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The drive to rid the center of the city has entered a new phase as Paris vows to ban access to the city center for cars. The Paris traffic ban will transform it into a ‘15-minute city’. If you are within 15 minutes’ walking distance of your destination, you can either walk or use your bike to get there. Mayor Anne Hidalgo moved a step closer to her plans to ban most road traffic.

Paris Traffic Ban Will Cut Down On The Pollutants 

Such a move will surely bring down air pollutants, bring peace to the areas, and reduce noise pollution. The roads will be much easier to navigate for bicyclists and pedestrians alike.

 Paris Traffic Ban

The residents of Paris were taken into confidence before this initiative. There is a proposal to create a Limited Traffic Zone in the middle of the city. Other cities like Milan, Rome, and Madrid have already adopted the TFZ.

It is not feasible to ban motorized transportation totally from any part of a huge city. A list has been drawn up which includes specific zones, people who have limited mobility, and goods vehicles, and also delivery people. But traveling through the center without making any stops will attract a ban.

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Cars Used By Only 30%

The report has revealed that only around 30% of the drivers need a car. The Paris traffic ban, if imposed, will decrease the number of cars on the road by 55%. That comes to around 100,000 fewer cars less on the road.

The ban will have another upside. Fewer cars will be on the roads after the pandemic, which will help maintain social distance norms. There have been no details yet and the police believe that some kind of trade-in will be allowed to help people affected by the ban.

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Paris finally intends to turn into an internal combustion engine (ICE) free country by the end of this decade. Other countries both in Europe and American have put up their plans to stop fossil fuel-driven cars off the road. This includes Italy, Germany, Greece, and Mexico.

Major manufacturers have also pledged their support to the Paris traffic ban. The Volkswagen Group has assured that they have a clear plan that shows its commitment to the climate protection targets in Paris. The transition to electric vehicles and limits on global warming were areas of concern. The Volkswagen Group said that they intend to increase the number of electric car models to 50 by 2025 from the present 6.

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