Pasta Straws Are A New Innovation Being Used To Reduce Plastic In Italian Bars

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Plastic pollution all over the world has emerged as one of the most urgent and big concerns for people. A huge amount of plastic waste is being dumped in the ocean regularly while single-use plastic is getting buried in landfills in an irresponsible manner. The European Union has already voted in favor of banning single-use plastic products across the country within 2021. So pasta straws are getting some spotlight.

Almost 4% of the plastic waste generated across the planet is plastic straws. Nonetheless, people have been striving to replace and reduce plastic with various alternatives including bamboo, glass, steel, coconut husks, and plant fiber. However, Italy has come up with one of the most innovative and efficient alternatives to plastic straws by using pasta straws. Even though it may sound strange at first, it certainly has several positive points. 

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Italians are well-known for inventing revolutionary items and designs such as jeans, eyewear, and ballet. Once again, Italians have grabbed the headlines for being possibly the biggest environmental solution. Pasta straws may mitigate the problem of replacing plastic straws. In fact, these pasta straws might become more effective than the paper straws that are mostly used as an alternative to plastic straws. 

Viable Alternative Of Pasta Straws 

Recently some of the bars in Italy were seen using pasta straws with their drinks and the photos that were captured went viral on the internet instantly. This picture shows the initiative taken by some Italian bars towards maintaining eco-friendly practices along with carrying on their business. People all over the globe immediately acknowledged this idea and tagged it as one of the finest Italian engineering while few others thought it was speaking their ‘linguine’. 


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On the other hand, Italy is not the only place to use pasta straws. Another company based in London also sells pasta straws known as “Stroodles”. These straws are completely biodegradable and 100% vegan. Stroodles are made using wheat and water that makes them totally tasteless. As a result, they do not dilute the flavor of the drink. These establishments can make it possible to reduce plastic items by replacing them with pasta cups, stirrers, glass, and small plates as well. 

It has been noted that Stroodles is a global movement as well as an educational firm that might provide a gateway to more sustainable practice and approach to plastic pollution. Maxim Gelmann, the founder of Stroodles company, has informed that these pasta straws are simply the first step in combatting plastic waste. Moreover, they intend to make people adopt environmentally conscious behavior and lead them towards sustainable living. 

Simple And Effective Approach 

Gelmann further explains that the pasta straws have a very long life and can possibly last for nearly 1 hour. The straws will last longer if the drink is cold, so a person can keep refilling their cold drink while using the same straw. Nevertheless, Stroodles firm has issued a warning against using pasta straws in hot drinks that may lead to burning.

pasta straws 

Such an effective alternative to plastic straws has attracted the interest of not just the bar owners but also the supermarket owners and shoppers. The Marriott and Ibis in the United Kingdom are presently trialing pasta straws. Many other global brands, often criticized for using plastic products, are testing the Stroodles as an alternative.

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Pasta straws are the perfect alternative as of now since they are both practical and affordable. Furthermore, the companies that manufacture pasta products can also sell produce straws easily. Soon this might become accessible worldwide and help in reducing plastic waste globally. Other alternatives may also be conceptualized with the help of Stroodles. A proper case of having the straw and eating it too, we suppose?

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