Persistent Pup Video: Teaches People Not To Give Up On Life

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Anand Mahindra had tweeted a video of his persistent pup and had passed on a message that says never give up.

 Anand is a business tycoon who takes to social media to share his views and insights with the netizens. He is an Indian billionaire businessman and the head of Mahindra Group. Mahindra Group operates in the aerospace, auto motives, components, defense, energy, and logistics. Anand Mahindra is currently in the States and had posted a video of a persistent pup. He urged his followers to not give up on their goals and aspirations. 

Persistent Pup

The clip was 6 seconds long and has amassed over 80,000 views. The pup had its paws on the door and was wagging its tails happily. He was waiting for someone to open the door and let her in. The dog was let in later, but Anand had uploaded it to show how persistence can help people achieve their goals.

The Video Of The Persistent Pup

Anand told the media that he was at his friend’s place in New York and had let in the persistent pup but he took this video to remind everyone that persistence is the key. Do not give up.

Screenshot 1 24

Netizens were astonished to see this video but they caught on the message pretty well. It was not long before the post was filled with comments and shares and everyone agreed with Anand.

Animals are without a voice and are said to be without proper intelligence, but such a video makes you think twice. 

Dogs might be man’s best friend but they express emotions that go way past simple things. They are quite intelligent in everything they do and once they put their mind to it, they will do it, in time. You can see a video of a beautiful puppy dancing with its owner and it has won the hearts of the netizens.

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Netizens are always entertained with such content as it takes their mind away from the pessimistic world, that we live in. 

Persistent Pup

The message is subtle yet so deep. We are human beings and our intelligence gives us the ability to do such things at a bigger level and much bolder. We should all be stubborn to achieve something, just like this persistent pup, to achieve something in our lives.

Image Credits: Twitter 

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