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Pet Dog Became A Hero When Owner Faced Medical Emergency

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The Police Department of Kansas City recently released an incident on Facebook. In the post, the account described the heroics of a pet dog. The dog had alerted the neighbor of its owner when the owner was suffering a medical crisis. The timely effort ended up saving the life of the pet dog’s owner.

If there were ever any doubt regarding the loyalty and devotion that dogs have for their humans, it has been put to rest by another example. The US incident has since gone viral across all social media platforms. Everyone who watches it is praising the smartness and loyalty of the Kansas City pet dog as much as they can.

The Quick Thinking From The Pet Dog

The post read that the incident had happened at night on a Sunday. Officers from Impacting Crime in Our Neighborhoods (ICON) were patrolling the area between Laurel Avenue and N. 10th. They were assisting the Kansas Fire Department of Kansas City (KCKFD) as well as EMS with a particular emergency call.

The reported incident was about a man who was out for a walk with his pet dog. But in the middle of the walk, he started suffering from a medical crisis. The smart pet dog quickly acted at sensing the emergency. It alerted a neighbor who was nearby and let them know about the emergency its owner was facing. The neighbors then promptly dialed 911 and help arrived just in time.

The post continued and expressed their gratitude to the loyal and smart pet canine. The neighbors were also given thanks for not ignoring the pet dog’s call for help and giving attention to the owner. They said that helped had arrived at an appropriate time. As a result, the needed medical attention was administered timely. Fortunately, the owner has since been stable medically.

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They also gave a reward to the pet dog. They gave him many praises, pats, and a ton of delicious treats for dogs. The post exclaimed that officers of ICON are always prepared to hand out treats.

Since its posting, the statement had been like by many people. It has become popular enough to go viral as well. People could not help appreciating the spontaneity of the pet dog’s reaction. Many users also prayed and wished for the owner of the dog to recover as soon as possible.

The Incident Is Quite Common

Such heroic acts from pet dogs are not that rare either. The following incident took place in February. Across the Pacific in the UK, a 6-year-old German Shepherd named Sadie faced a similar situation. Similar to the Kansas City incident, she was out for a walk with Brian, her owner. But Brian, unfortunately, suffered a stroke.

During the medical emergency, the pet dog remained by her owner’s side and kept licking his face so that he would remain conscious. Sadie also gave her all and dragged Brian to the phone that had been thrown out of his hand. This allowed Brian to phone the emergency services. As a result, Brian was taken to a hospital and received appropriate medical treatment on time.

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Another incident took place in India, the other side of the world. A family had adopted four local street dogs. One night, the sleeping couple was alerted by one of the dogs to a room filled with smoke. The kitchen had caught on fire. However, the owner managed to put out the fire because of the dog’s timely alarm. The owner feared that they would have suffocated in their sleep if not for the dog.

So, is there any more doubt as to the companionship of pet dogs?

Image credits: KCKPD

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