Pet Dog Raises Fire Alarm, Saving His Owner’s Family

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In the city of Greater Noida in India, a remarkable act of wisdom and heroism took place. A pet dog named Bravo raised a ruckus alarming the family in the house to a fire hazard. Bravo is 3 years old and is an Indie breed. His owner Shesh Sarangdhar. 38 years old, had taken responsibility for the dog this year in March. He is the owner of a company that deals with information technology. His wife, who lives with him, is pregnant as well.

The fortunate incident took place on 30th May, Sunday. The owner says that the dog had managed to raise the alarm just in time as well. Their house is in a rather high-class section of the city called Omega 1. Their duplex villa in a society called Greenwood is also not adjacent to any other neighbors. So if the pet dog had not raised the alarm, much worse could have come to pass.

The Pet Dog’s Quick Thinking

Later on, after the ordeal, Shesh Sarangdhar recalled the moments just before he realized what was happening. They usually leave Bravo outside of the bedroom for the night. On that night, Bravo had been constantly barking. He also kept slamming on the door to the bedroom. Shesh admits that he was very irritated at this noisy behavior from his recently adopted dog.

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After not stopping for some time, he reluctantly got up to open the door and see what exactly was bothering Bravo. It was only then that he realized the horrible situation. His whole house was completely filled with thick smoke. On investigating, he found out that the origin of the smoke was the house’s kitchen on the lower floor. The wooden decorations and the stove had caught on fire, somehow.

Shesh recounted the moments after he made the discovery. He said that he could hardly see anything because of the amount of thick black smoke. But he grabbed a few buckets filled with water and tried to douse the flame as soon as he could.

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He said that the pet dog had managed to alert his owners with just enough time to spare. Any later and the smoke would have filled the room they were peacefully sleeping. If not for Bravo, the couple would have lost their lives before ever realizing that they were in trouble.

The Decision That Saved Their Lives

Shesh said that previously they resided in an area called Sector 119. There, he regularly tended to the dogs on the street and gave them food. In December 2020, however, the couple had taken the decision to change their residence to the current address. That’s when they had also adopted four street dogs as pet dogs.

Usually, Shesh explained, that the four dogs lie down and take a short nap on their terrace when the owners are sleeping. But on the day of the incident, fortunately, pet dog Bravo was not only wide awake but inside the house as well. Luckily, the fire brigade did not have to be called either since Shesh managed to put it out by himself.

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Later, he found out that his wife had slept after putting an oil-filled pan on the stove. This was definitely the cause of the fire.

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Aparna Bose Dey, an NGO called Dhyan Foundation’s adoption coordinator, pointed out the alertness and smartness shown by the street dog. Her NGO is in charge of Sector 94’s animal shelter.

She explained that in Indian society, shooing away Indie street dogs is common and usual. However, this amazing story shows their alertness and sensibility. Shesh had shared the incident on social media. Everyone in the group was inspired by pet dog Bravo’s act.

All Image Credits: IndiaTV News  

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