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Philippines Man Planning To Convert Single-Use Plastics Trash Into A Home!

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Winchester Lemen, from the Philippines, had made up his mind to do something about the huge landfills of single-use plastics. So he recycled them into chairs for schools. He uses almost all types of plastic wrapping: packaging of junk food, plastic straws, shopping bags, and candy wrappers. This is something major companies are failing to do.

single-use plastics

Gradually, the chairs gained popularity and were received positively. This prompted corporates and politicians to incorporate recycling single-use plastic trash as their social responsibility. This was the birth of Envirotech Waste Recycling. The firm’s specialty is converting single-use plastics into building materials and furniture.

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Since then, Envirotech has also produced pavers, planks, bricks, and floor tiles from recycled plastics. They are also planning their most ambitious project yet: making a house out of recycled waste. Everything in the house will be made from plastic waste. This includes the ceiling of the house.

The Single-Use Plastic House Will Be Completely Eco-Friendly

According to a later report, the planned house will be powered by solar energy. It will have solar panels powering the lights inside the house. There will also be a device for generating water. This device will work on extracting the water for the residents from the atmospheric air. Since the area is especially humid, the device will be suitable.

single-use plastics

As plastic pollution is increasing, Envirotech refuses to see it as a problem. Instead, they think of it as a solution as well as an opportunity. They can address the problem that the country is facing because of single-use plastics.

For its recycling process, Envirotech collects and acquires many different types of single-use plastics that give rise to trash. This includes PET bottles, packaging for junk food, items that are laminated, as well as Styrofoam. If Envirotech had not collected them, these items would be going directly to the dumps.

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The Philippines is currently the third-largest polluter of oceans. Their waters are heavily choked by plastic waste. A study reports that the Philippines uses enough plastic to cover 691.6 square kilometers. As such, Lemen hopes he can connect with more communities. He hopes more people will get involved in this journey of recycling.

All image credits: Winder Recycling Company

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