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Photographer Captures Rarest Of Phenomena

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Photographers often pursue a life of luxury. They get paid a handsome amount for their snaps and also get recognized. This scenario makes many people envy photography enthusiasts. Little do they know the pain and hardship the photographers have to put in. Photography requires immense patience. Sometimes to get a single snap, one has to wait for days and months. Fortunately, all the hard work gets paid with satisfaction. 

Some of the rarest and awe-inspiring pictures have been clicked by the photographers. A recent incident has left everybody mesmerized. A German photography enthusiast managed to click the rarest phenomena of nature. The incident occurred in the region of Costa Brava. The place is situated on the northwestern side of Spain. Daniel Biber was on his way to capturing the beauty of wildlife. 

Daniel saw a flock of birds flying on the horizon. This made him interested and he decided to capture the birds. Little did he know that this decision would be life-changing for him. After developing the films, the Germans were shell-shocked with the result. 

He saw that the flock of birds had transformed into a shape-shifting cloud. This is one of the rarest and fascinating phenomena that takes place in nature. Sometimes, a group of birds flies in significant coordination. 

Hundreds and thousands of birds coordinate with each other to appear like a single organism. They often take beautiful shapes that startle mankind from below. The phenomena snapped by Daniel was even more interesting. Let us learn about the phenomena in detail below.

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Photographer Awarded For His Amazing Captures 


Credits Daniel Biber/ SWNS

Daniel Biber was the witness of one in a million moments. He stated that while watching the birds, he noticed something unusual. Daniel spotted a large number of birds slowly flying on the horizon. As he kept taking pictures of them, the birds began to form a shape.

After his snaps got published, Biber was ecstatic. His photographs have earned him an award in the photography competition that was held internationally. A number of renowned photographers took part in the competition. Biber’s pictures beat all of them and were adjudged the best. 

So what was so special about the shape-shifting bird? Well, it seemed as if the group of small birds was threatened by some large birds. A possible vulture or eagle might have chased them. As a reply, the birds gathered in unison to scare away the bigger one. 

To everyone’s shock, the birds came together and formed the shape of a giant bird. This has been analyzed as a reply to the Vulture/Eagle that the smaller birds were much bigger. This is a phenomenon that is seldom seen.

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Photographer From Germany Strikes Gold 

The German photographer became viral instantly. His pictures are currently all over the internet. Several interviews have been conducted with the photographer. In one such interview, Daniel revealed his ignorance. Biber stated that he was unaware that his shutter was pressed at the exact moment. 

Daniel seemed very much happy with all the attention. However, he was happier to have captured a moment that will be cherished for the rest of his life. Daniel also talked about how hard it was to take the birds’ pictures. Biber said that he used to drive to the spot every day. This continued for four days until he succeeded. 

Daniel elaborated that a lot of patience and concentration were required in photography. The world is currently busy admiring the skills of the German photographer. Praises and best wishes have been showered from all over the world. The pictures are currently available on the internet for the public to view.

Image Featured Daniel Biber/ SWNS

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