Pink Lake In Australia A Hotspot For Photography

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Pink Lake is one of the biggest attractions in Australia. Australia has always been blessed by nature. The country has some of the most spectacular sceneries one can ever imagine. 

In the southwestern part of the coast lies a lake that stands apart from every other lake. The lake appears to be bright pink in color. This makes the lake an automatic winner for the most beautiful natural spectacle in Australia. 

The lake consists predominantly of saline waters. It acts as a great contrast to the adjacent oceans that are deep blue in color. The lake stretches six hundred meters in length and two hundred and fifty meters in width. 

The uniqueness of the lake has made it a favorite spot for tourists. Photographers from all over the world come to snap the incredible beauty of the lake. The spot is never empty and is always buzzing with the sound of the camera shutters. 

Pink Lake is ranked very high in top tourist destinations from all over the world. The location of the lake is in the middle of the islands. These islands are located in the Archipelago, which is at a distance of seventy miles from the region of Goldfields-Esperance. 

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The pink lake is named Lake Hillier and is surprisingly not alone. Lake Hillier also has four similar counterparts. Lake Becking, Lake Hardy, Lake Crosbie, and Lake Kenyon are all pink in color. 

Despite having five similar lakes, Lake Hillier walks away with the crown due to a couple of reasons. The biggest reason is the color of Lake Hillier is the most bright. 

All other lakes do not exhibit the color pink so brightly as Hillier. Another reason for Lake Hillier’s fame is its background. 

The lake has a mesmerizing backdrop that resembles a postcard. Let us learn more about Pink Lake in detail below. 

Pink Lake: Why The Pink Color? 

The most common question people wonder about is why is the lake pink? This has been a question that has haunted scientists for a long time. The credit of discovering the lake goes to Mathew Flinders. 

Flinders hails from England and was an ardent outdoorsman. He loved to travel to different parts of the world and discover new places. The official year for the discovery of the Pink Lake is recorded as 1802. 

Pink Lake
Pink Lake

Since then, researchers and scientists have tried to find out the reason for the pink color. For a fairly long time, no plausible explanations were given. 

However, repeated experiments have finally provided us with a rational scientific answer. The lake is inhabited by an alga namely, Dunaliella Salina. 

These microorganisms secrete reddish pigments which result in the water turning pink. Lake Hillier has the most dense presence of these microorganisms, and hence, is the brightest pink in color. 

Pink Lake: A Summary 

The Pink Lake is one of the trending topics on social media. There are many questions surrounding the pink lake. One of the biggest concerns from the tourists is whether the lake is safe or not. 

The simple answer is Yes. Researchers have conducted tests and experiments and have found no evidence that the water is harmful. However, since the lake is conserved by the government, visitors are not allowed to swim in Lake Pink. 

There are a number of flights that carry passengers to this beautiful location. The tourists are given an aerial tour of the lake. These tours usually take a couple of hours to complete. 

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