Plastic Pollution Prevention Takes Another Step With Bamboo Water Bottles

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Under the new motto of ‘Make in India’, an entrepreneur from Assam has come up with an innovative invention. This product will be of great help against the increasing plastic pollution plaguing human existence at present. In addition, this ground-breaking product has taken over the internet and emerged as a great boost for the economy.

Dhirtiman Bora hails from the Biswanath Chariali town of Guwahati. He has recently invented bamboo water bottles that are completely leak-proof. Moreover, these bamboo bottles are a step towards reducing the use of plastic bottles in our daily life.


Credits Ritu Raj Konwar

Dhiritman Bora came up with these leak-proof bamboo bottles which he has been striving for 17 years. As soon as he created this product, there was a huge sensation across the domestic and international market. This is mainly because the bottles are totally organic and made from durable bamboo bhaluka.

The outer layer of the bottles is polished with a waterproof oil polish which lends it a glossy finish. It is more interesting that the cork is also made from bamboo and totally eradicates plastic. The bottle itself is made from bamboo shoots which makes it organic. The bamboo bottles are very helpful in keeping the water cool throughout the day during scorching weather as well.

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Bamboo Bottles Reduces Plastic

The vision of Dhirtiman in making these organic bottles was to replace the whole plastic industry as well as the manufacturing units with Eco-friendly jute and bamboo products. For this very reason, he has been taking digital help in order to promote the product. The digital platform will also provide hope of completely replacing the plastic industry of bottle-making.

Dhirtiman is extremely delighted with the response he has received for his innovation lately. On the other hand, he feels that he has not been able to reach a wider audience to promote awareness regarding the adverse effects of plastic bottles on our environment. Furthermore, he wants more promotion for his organic bottles that is the biggest challenge lying in front of him currently.

The bamboo bottles are available on various e-commerce sites and can be bought in different shapes and sizes. Additionally, these bamboo bottles will cost from 400 to 600 which is cost-effective since it is a long-lasting product.

Dhirtiman has said that 1 bottle takes 4 to 5 hours to make. The making process includes cutting, boiling, smoking, drying, joining, and completing the bamboo bottle. This process apparently requires a lot of hard work and labor.

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Spreading Awareness Against Plastic Bottle

Even though Dhirtiman is very happy with the reactions and the massive amount of support he received owing to his invention, he is hoping for more. An increasing number of people are now coming forward in disseminating this product against the fight to reduce plastic products.

Government and non-government bodies are also expected to join hands in the fight against plastic pollution. Although, Dhirtiman has not been receiving too many orders as of now. As a result, he only coats his bottles as per the requirements. He had mentioned that the first order he received was 8 months and it came for the United Kingdom for 200 bamboo bottles.

Nonetheless, the buyer wanted raw bottles without any gloss or color. It was then he was struck with the idea that he need not coat all the bottles that make it very expensive because of the US-based waterproof oil polish. His buyers are almost always very satisfied with the finished product.

Image Featured Bamboo Water Bottle

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