Playful Monkey Caught In Video, Video Steals Internet Hearts

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A small video of a minute caught a playful monkey, sitting on the principal’s chair while the school staff was trying to scare it away.

Monkeys are intelligent animals and they are sometimes seen in bigger cities. They travel from their jungles and venture into bigger cities, to look for food and proper shelter. The cutting of forests for timber and agricultural expansion can be ascertained as the reasons behind this phenomenon. These animals are clever and can use tools just like us.

Madhya Pradesh is famous for several things, but this is the first time that it has gone viral due to a playful monkey. The incident took place in a government school in Gwalior.

What Was The Playful Monkey Doing In The Video?

Playful monkey

The monkey took the principal’s seat, in the government school and chose to sit and play on it. The staff members did their best to scare off the animal, but it seemed comfortable in its location. No matter what they did, the playful monkey did not budge for an inch. The playful monkey, even, took an attempt to rip out the plastic covering on the chair and failed. 

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At the end of the 1.15-minute video, a brave woman goes close to the monkey, and it scampers away from the room.

Playful monkey

Netizens are always attracted by funny incidents and this was not the first time. A monkey was seen inside a metro in Delhi, which got a massive reaction on the internet. The netizens were amazed as to why a monkey managed to come aboard. 

The reactions of the people are funny as well as some are worried about the dangers it might cause to people and the animals themselves. 

It is a great time to reflect on our own habits and routines. We can choose to avoid the felling of trees for certain products and go for an eco-friendly approach. The Earth is a place of existence for humans as well as for animals and insects. We need to be thoughtful about these other species as they do not have a mind to think for themselves. Make a small change today and see it flourish in the years to come. 

Image Credits: ANI

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