Prawn Farming Is A Cruel Practice

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Prawn Farming is one of the most common practices in the world. This type of farming has become immensely popular in recent times. However, this is also one of the cruelest practices of farming.

Cruelty on animals is a very sensitive issue. It is one of the most discussed and growing concerns in today’s world. Animals all over the world are facing the risk of extinction due to human practices.

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Many exotic animals are being killed illegally. Elephants and rhinoceros are some of the wild animals that are vulnerable to poaching. Poachers kill these animals in order to make a huge amount of profit. The killing of wild animals has resulted in a lot of problems recently. Illegal killing and poaching of meat and skin are becoming a growing concern.

These practices become responsible to affect the ecological food chain significantly. A lot of exotic species have faced the problem in recent years. The rapid killing has made them stand on the brink of extinction. Practices of the killing of wild animals persist throughout the world.

Recent news about other farming shocked the world. It was found that tigers were being held captive inside a farm. After a few days, they were killed for various purposes. The most shocking thing was that the authorities could not do anything specific to ban such inhuman practices.

Another news story revealed that rhinoceros are being killed mindlessly. This was done in order to sell the horn of the animal. The horn has a huge value in the black market. Clients are ready to pay hefty amounts to own such horns. Other than these animals, elephants and various other wild animals face a disheartening fate every day.

The IUCN Red List released a list of the critically-endangered species. A lot of exotic species are featured on the list. If measures are not undertaken right now, these animals would cease to exist. Apart from the wild animals, people also exhibit animal cruelty to other animals.

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Recent news about the whaling practice in Iceland became popular. People of Iceland started killing whales for their meat. This was one of the most popular businesses previously. People used to love the taste of whale meat. Whaling prospered in the early 90s.

Many people jumped into the business looking at the time profit margins. People of Iceland loved to eat the meat or whales that made the industry bloom. However, over the years, things have changed drastically.

The whaling industry has almost died. This has led the government to announce the end of the practice. They promised to wrap up the inhuman procedure of Whaling within 2024. A similar form of cruelty can be found in the prawn farming practice. The eyes of a female prawn are either cut or completely removed.

The horrific part is that the procedure is done while the prawn is still alive. Let us learn more about the gruesome practice of prawn farming in detail below. 

Prawn Farming: A Horrific Practice

Prawn Farming is one of the most gruesome forms of farming in recent times. People in today’s world only care about money. They are only concerned about making their business grow. In order to do this, they often forget their human side.

A shocking fact has been revealed recently. The amount of pain that is inflicted on prawns is unimaginable. During the process of prawn farming, the eyes of the female prawns are cut or completely removed.

335721 Prawn Farm

This is done to make the prawns reproduce at a faster rate. No remedies are given to the prawns after their eyes are being cut. Such a gruesome process is known as eyestalk ablation. Prawns possess a special gland that is located behind their eyes. This gland carries information about when the ovaries should mature.

The workers at the prawn farms found out that the gland does not respond when prawns are in a state of stress. This makes the prawns reluctant towards reproduction. In order to speed up the process, farmers apply different methods to remove the eyes. Removing the eyes stimulates the glands.

This method forces growth in the ovary so that the prawns can reproduce. Methods such as cauterization and ligation are also inflicted to make maximum profits out of prawn farming. 

Prawn Farming Is Rightly Termed As Inhuman 

A lot of animal activists have termed the practice of prawn farming as inhuman. A major reason is because of the insane amount of pain that is inflicted on the prawn during the process of eyestalk ablation.

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Workers associated with prawn farming stated that the prawns do not feel any pain while undergoing the process. This made analysts curious and they started researching for themselves. The results that came were heartbreaking. It revealed that prawns do experience pain. In fact, the amount of pain is so much that it stresses other body parts of the prawns as well.

Prawns are found to vigorously move their tails as a reflex action. They are also seen to be caressing the injured area. All these actions are directly related to experiencing pain. The study also stated that prawns possess a polarized vision. This helps the animals to see things inside the water to avoid danger.

Prawns can see transparent and silver objects underwater. This special vision helps them to glide through the water properly and avoid danger. Cutting off the eye not only affects its vision but also increases the level of stress in them. All these factors have made prawn farming one of the cruelest practices in the world. 

Eyestalk Ablation Should Be Discouraged In Prawn Farming 

Animal analysts are very much concerned about the cruelty associated with prawn farming. They are trying to devise ways in which such practices can be stopped. Fortunately enough, there are a couple of simple ways to fix the problem.

The first one is to stop the whole practice of cutting off the prawns’ eyes. People should come forward and discourage the practice of eyestalk ablation in prawn farming. They must ask the farmers to refrain from inflicting so much pain on the prawns.

The other method by which such cruelty can be stopped is to avoid animal products. Concerns are rising over the cruel practices of animal farming. From chicken to pigs, all the animals are subjected to some kind of cruelty during their breeding process.

The amount of pain inflicted causes stress and depression within the animals. Thus, a lot of citizens are switching to vegan products.

A large majority of society has opted for high-quality plant-based foods instead of animal products. All these remedies will surely put an end to cruel practices such as that of Prawn Farming. 

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