Pune Housing Complex Derives Electricity From Foods?

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Pune Housing Complex
Pune Housing Complex

Pune Housing Complex has reportedly been harnessing energy from food. As the population is expanding day by day, more and more households need electricity. The consumption of electricity has seen a steep rise in the last few years. 

One of the key contributors to the increasing electricity growth is overpopulation. India ranks second in terms of population and is just below China. The rapid increase in population has naturally upped the need for electricity consumption. Another main factor for the increasing electricity demand is industrialization. India is experiencing an explosion of both technological and industrial development. All these fields require a huge amount of electricity. 

However, the total supply of electricity is very much limited. If we continue to abuse the consumption of the same, the resources will soon get exhausted. People from all over the world are working hard to obtain alternative sources of energy. Researchers are working hard to develop ways to harness energy from a renewable source. Wind and water energy are the most commonly used. Solar power has also been put to extensive usage in recent years. 

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A housing complex in Pune seems to have found a unique alternative. The Pune Housing Complex is working on the concept to harness electricity from food leftovers. This is a new and fascinating concept. If channeled properly it might be a revolutionary step. 

Pune Housing Complex Powered By Left Over Food

Savitri Bai Patil is a middle-aged Indian woman. She saw her neighborhood being dumped by all sorts of waste products. Among the wastes, there was a lot of wasted food. However, things took a turn quickly, and the housing complex now boasts of being powered by a renewable source of energy. Savitri Bai Patil described her observations as to how much the surroundings around Ashok Meadows have changed. 

Patil reminisced about the time when society would experience a ton of garbage every day. The area was filled with toxic substances and foul smells. Residing in the complex became a nightmare for the residents. All of these things experienced a drastic makeover. The area around the Pune housing complex seems much more clear. Garbage is taken care of by the workers at regular intervals. 

The Pune housing complex has installed a generator of biogas for four years. All the garbage along with the wasted foods are dumped into the generator. The leftovers are then thoroughly processed. After proper treatment and processing, the wasted food gets transformed into biogas. This biogas is then used as a means to power up society. Electricity derived from biogas is used primarily in the local parks and street lights. The electricity also powers some of the clubs and even the gyms. 

Savitri Bai Patil expressed her happiness at how much change their society has undergone. All the other inhabitants also seemed very much content and proud about the use of biogas. 

Pune Housing Complex Paves The Way For Renewable Electricity 

The generator installed at the Pune housing complex of Ashok Meadows has been a hit. Taking a leaf from them, as many as seventy-five other places have also installed biogas generators. The generators are manufactured by Xeon Waste Managers. Jalaj Kumar Chaturvedi is the president of the organization. He stated that the main aim of his company was to reduce the garbage from the earth. 

The company focuses on designing generators and devices that can convert wastes into productive energy. The amount of wasted food at Ashok Meadows amounts between 500-600kgs. This large quantity of food waste enables the machine to manufacture 50kw of electricity per day for the residents. The usage of biogas saves the inmates of the Pune housing complex a monthly amount of Rs.6000. This money was earlier used for waste disposal. 

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