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Rainbow Eucalyptus: Beautifully Natural

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Rainbow Eucalyptus is one of the most fascinating creations of nature. They are one of the most beautiful trees that exist on the planet. Nature has never failed to amaze us. Be it the scenic beauty of the hills or the raging roars of the seas. 

Nature has always prospered in all its glory. One such gift of nature is the rainbow eucalyptus. The tree is a variant of the normal eucalyptus but it has several unique features. To start with, the tree is officially termed as the “Eucalyptus Deglupta”.  It is also known as ” Mindanao Gum” in some parts of the world. 

The tree is one of the rarest trees to be found on planet Earth. A common question might arise that why is the tree called “rainbow” eucalyptus and what is so special about it? Well, we will be exploring all about the tree in this space. Let us start with some of the unique features of the tree. 

These variants of eucalyptuses grow very fast. The amount of time they take to blossom from a bud to a fully grown tree is astonishingly short. Studies have been conducted on the rate of the tree’s growth. Up to three feet of growth per year has been recorded by analysts. The trunk of the tree is also very wide. They usually span across a diameter of six feet. 

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The average height of these trees is staggering. It can grow up to two hundred feet on an average. Let us learn about the rainbow eucalyptus in detail below. 

Rainbow Eucalyptus: A Majestic & Colorful Sight To Behold 

The Rainbow Eucalyptus is most commonly found in the Philippines. It thrives in the wet conditions of the rainforests. To be more specific, the growth of these trees is more common in the Mindano forests. 

These forests are located in the eastern and southernmost islands of the Philippines. The tree gets its name from a natural phenomenon that occurs with the tree itself. This eucalyptus sheds its bark at a certain point. 

While shedding, the tree reveals an inner layer of barks. This inner layer initially portrays a bright greenish hue and gradually changes color. The bark takes its time to age and exhibits an array of different colors. Maroon, Orange, Purple & Blue are some of the colors displayed by the tree. 

Beautiful Trees Rainbow Eucalyptus

These different shades give the tree a stunning makeover. The colors make rainbow eucalyptus one of the most majestic trees in the world. 

Rainbow Eucalyptus Are Unique In Every Way 

Rainbow Eucalyptus is not unique only for its colors. They also have other specific traits that make the trees stand apart from the rest. These trees are evergreen trees as leaves do not lose their greenery. 

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The leaves also have medicinal appeal. Oils are extracted from these leaves to use for aromatherapy. They produce flowers that are white in color and look beautiful. These flowers do not contain petals or leaves. However, pistils and stamens have been found inside them. 

The eucalyptus is also a great way of preventing several diseases. The tree requires a lot of water. According to studies, the huge requirement of water is a good thing for the local population. Soaking up the excess water prevents the forests from getting excess moisture. 

This will prevent various diseases like malaria and dengue as mosquitos would not get their suitable environment to breed. 

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