Reforestation Efforts Since 2000 Have Reclaimed As Much Land As France

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Reforestation has been observed all over the world in the last 20 years. The total area of the forest can be approximated to be around the size of France. The reforestation in certain places had been paying off as per the latest analysis.

Over 59 million hectares of forest land have been reclaimed since 2000. Over 5.9 G-tonnes of CO2 can be soaked and stored in these mega forests.

The Study Of The Reforestation Processes

A study was held for 2 years with the help of satellite imaging and ground surveys over a dozen countries. The areas of reforestation that were identified included the Atlantic forest (Brazil) and the Boreal forests (Mongolia). An 1.2 million hectares worth of forests has been observed to have been regrown since 2000 after efforts were made to reduce the industrial practices. Various forests have made a return in Central Africa and parts of Canada. 

The world is observing a great loss of forests and at a huge rate. The deforestation rates are way higher than the reforestation ones. According to the WWF, 386 million hectares of forests were destroyed in the same period of time as the reforestation. The name of the project is the Trillion Trees Project.

It is estimated that every year, we lose forests as large as the country of the United Kingdom. It is cut down to supply timber or to generate land for agriculture. Deforestation has seen a rise, spiked due to the wildfires in the largest rainforests of the world. 

The trees are being dropped and burnt at a very high rate in the Amazon forests. The total amount of forest cover lost is more than 430,000 acres in 2021. William Baldwin-Cantello has stated that in order to fight against climate change and the loss of nature, we must start growing more forests and avoid the felling of trees. William is the director of nature-based solutions at the WWF. 

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Naturally reforesting areas are cheaper and better for biodiversity as compared to the planned ones. Research has told us about why and where reforestation is occurring and about the recreation of such conditions in other areas of the world. This act of reforestation can not be taken for granted as such regenerations take time. 

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