Regenerative Agriculture: Does It Foretell A Better Way Of Farming?

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For people in the know, it is the way forward as far as farming is concerned. Large corporations to small farmers are convinced that regenerative agriculture is the only future for farming. Advocates of this farming method believe that regenerating our soil is the only way forward if we wish to be truly sustainable.

Topsoil produces over 95% of our world’s food. But by 2050, 90% of that might be gone. But regenerative agriculture promises to be the way forward. It works on the principles of total harmony with nature. And the produce is bountiful and delicious.

A couple of decades ago, Dan Cox was on his way to being a celebrity chef. But a string of events led him to a momentous shift from cooking to farming. He set out on his quest for the farming equivalent of a two-star Michelin restaurant. His farm follows the principles of regenerative farming. Melilot is Dan Cox’s Arcadia.

Regenerative Agriculture Predominantly Focuses On Soil Health

Regenerative agriculture puts the focus back onto soil health spread over 120 acres of certified organic property. The principle is rooted in the commitment to first restore the health of the soil and then regenerate the ecosystem through responsible farming. 

The process involves trialing seeds, trying out fresh methods, and most significantly making every effort to recapture carbon in the soil. Regenerative agriculture challenges intensive agricultural practices and methods that a conventional farmer would shy away from. Cox’s methods are collaborative and unique and can transform the entire food system on a global scale over the coming decades.

Cox’s farms grow 70 types of plants and close to 300 sheep of rare breeds. The quality of the soil is a priority. He believes that regenerative agriculture can ensure the ultimate survival of the planet if we make saving the soil our priority.

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The ecosystem at the farm thrives naturally, with minimal invasion. Regenerative agriculture is about improving solid heath, which improves nutrition in the soil, which again, in turn, improves the flavor and quality of the produce.

Sustainability is not about supporting the wrong process or method. Only regeneration can ensure that truly adhering to its principles can reverse climate changes while promoting true sustainability

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