Rented Cutlery Can Be A Smart Alternative For The Environment

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Rented Cutlery seems to be the future of parties and events. It is a very common practice to use plastic cutleries in various events. Be it a party at the house or a birthday party, the easy-to-go solution is plastic. Little are we aware of the fact that using cutleries made out of plastic can do more harm than good. 

The plastic utensils may seem easy to use. It provides a readymade alternative to heavy utensils. We do not have to worry about washing them after we are done. People can just throw away their cutleries after the party is over. This saves a ton of time, money, and labor. But, all these advantages come with one big disadvantage.

 Plastics are extremely harmful to the environment. It is made up of toxic chemicals that can do serious damage to Mother Earth. Plastics are almost non-biodegradable. They do not decompose even after thousands of years. Instead, they release the toxic chemicals into the soil. These chemicals do no good to the soil and in turn, can even make the soil infertile. The burning of the material also releases harmful gases into the atmosphere. These gases act as a catalyst for global warming. 

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The mass usage of plastics should be stopped immediately. A movement has been recently popularised in Bengaluru, India. It calls for renting cutleries for all your party needs. This movement can make people opt for rented cutlery instead of harmful plastic. 

Rented Cutlery
Rented Cutlery

Aids In Green Revolution?

The Whitefield in Bengaluru, India has been in the news recently. The state is already famous for its rich IT culture. However, it might well be the witness of the beginning of the green revolution in India. 

Rishita Sharma along with Lakshmi Sankaran initially worked as volunteers in managing waste. They used to visit different educational institutions and preach about the ill effects of pollution. The duo tried to make the people aware of the importance of managing waste. As expected, most of the people did not receive the ideas very willingly.

Gradually, they started noticing and analyzing the causes for people’s inclination towards plastic. Rich’s & Lakshmi soon found out that it was a lack of proper sustainable alternatives that led to the problem. Both of them imminently started working on the issue. They visualized the concept of rented cutlery. They initially invested in one hundred cups, plates & spoons. The two young enthusiasts started asking in their close circle to share the utensils. This led to the Rented Cutlery movement which has gained a significant pace now. 

Rented Cutlery: A Change For Good

The movement started by Rishita & Lakshmi is now guiding the world. The movement that started with one hundred utensils has now grown into a bank. The vast popularity of the movement drew many volunteers from all over India. All of them invested and encouraged the people in the practice of using rented cutlery. 

P.Natarajan is a volunteer from Chennai. He had set up a bank which has tons of utensils for the people to rent. Natarajan named the bank Namma Cutlery Bank. He has also started his foundation namely, Namma Oru Foundation. The plates are rented to the clients for various occasions. The clients need not wash them. The washing of the plates is conducted by volunteers of the organization. Natarajan claimed to use natural enzymes for washing the cutleries. 

Rented Cutleries are gaining significant momentum recently. The amount of plastic and non-biodegradable plates used in a single Indian marriage is shocking. The movement promises all the convenience to the customers. It remains to be seen whether rented cutlery can flourish in the coming future. 

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