Rescued Baby Elephant Embrace Officer In Heartwarming Picture

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It has not been long since officers of the forest department in Tamil Nadu, the Southern Indian state, had reunited an elephant mother and her injured baby. The videos showing the rescuers carefully leading the young elephant back to where its mother was, was posted across all social media platforms. Commenters noted how comfortable the baby looked in the company of the human rescuers.

If there was a special bond noticed being formed back then, then another picture has been posted to prove it. The picture showed the young elephant embracing one of its human rescuers. Netizens all around the world cannot help but gush over the cute act of gratitude.

The Rescued Baby Elephant Proves How Love Does Not Need A Language

Parveen Kaswan, an officer in the Indian Forest Department, had posted the picture on Twitter originally. In the caption, he wrote that love does not have any language. He then explained that the rescued baby elephant was hugging one of the forest officers. He further clarified that the team had brought it and its mother together after it had gotten separated.

Needless to say, the post has gone viral. The Twitter post has been liked by more than 11,000 accounts so far.

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A bit earlier, another video featuring the same rescued baby elephant was posted. It showed the whole process of how it was guided towards its mother. Sudha Ramen, another officer of the Indian Forest Department, had posted that one. The popularity of the original tweet eventually made it go viral across all platforms. Here’s the video:

Ramen had written in the caption that the rescued baby elephant was happy to walk towards his mother. He was being escorted by a team of the Tamil Nadu Foresters with security category Z+.

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Kaswan’s more recent tweet has also been retweeted more than 1000 times. Netizens have filled the post with comments showcasing their adoration for the scene of the rescued baby elephant being depicted. One comment considered that the picture was powerful enough to be regarded as this year’s conservation picture. One more talked about how it had moved them to tears. 

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