Reusable Produce Bags: You Can Make A World Of Difference By Switching To Any One Of These

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Even as our land and ocean are inundated with plastic in all its evil incarnations, the ones piling up the fastest are the single used ones. We are aware of the grave challenges it poses to our environment and affects us in every way. But it is in our hands to put an end to it by switching to reusable produce bags.

Reusable Produce Bags

Plastic bags take anywhere between 100 and 500 years to decompose. Plastic dumped in landfills pollutes the land, leaching harmful chemicals that spread into groundwater, while 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year. It comprises 80% of all marine debris from debris floating on the surface to sediments that end up in the deepest parts of the oceans. Marine species are entangled in it or ingest it, and they end up in our food chain. It is one of the main factors contributing to adverse climate change.

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An act as simple as using reusable produce bags while on a visit to the supermarket could be your enduring contribution to the environmental cause. You needn’t be a Thunberg to do that.

Reusable produce bags for vegetables and fruits come in organic cotton, PET bottles, and also polyester. They aren’t as transparent as plastic, so it is better to leave them open at the checkout.

You have a world of choice when you shop for reusable produce bags. There is one for every need and budget. Ideally, they should be light, transparent and easy to wash, and secure.

Here are some that passed the test.

The Onya Reusable Produce Bag From Earthwise Girls

Reusable Produce Bags

The Onya reusable produce bags come in a compact cardboard pack in packs of five. They are densely woven white mesh bags of 10 grams each but can easily carry up to 2 kilograms. They have a dual seam which makes them strong. A drawstring cord helps you secure your purchase.

the raw materials come from discarded Polyethylene terephthalate drink bottles. It has a colorful pouch that can be clipped to a keyring, shopping bag handle, or belt. They cost £11.25 ($16.29) for a pack of five.

Medium Organic Cotton Bags For Grocery From Turtle Bags

These bags get their name from the leatherback turtle and are a victim of the plastic bags that line the British shores. They mistake them for the jellyfish, their favorite food. Turtle Bags was raised to help create awareness on pollution.

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The bags are of cotton mesh that is organic and unbleached and comes in two convenient sizes of 30X38 centimeters, and 25X30 centimeters. They cost £2 ($2.77) each.

This product has the coveted Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This guarantees that no herbicide or pesticide has been used and the farmers and others involved work under safe conditions and get at least the minimum wage.

Reusable Vegetable And Fruit Bags From Carrinet Veggio

This also comes in a 5-bag set of white mesh. Made from recycled PET bottles, the set contains one 17 X 15 centimeters one-liter bag, two 30 X 28 centimeters 6-liter bags, and two 30 X 28 centimeters 9-liter bags. A drawstring cord and seam of either side are standard with the larger bags and can take a load of 10 kilograms; just perfect for your potatoes and onions.

Reusable Produce Bags

The smaller one has a closure lined with a sliding bead, which makes it just ideal for other products. They come with a label for price stickers. That’s convenient if the store has an option for self-weighing. A set of five bags cost £6.99 ($9.69).

Cotton Mesh Bags From A Slice Of Green

Reusable produce bags from A Slice of Green are organic and come in a set of small (18 X 22 centimeter), medium (26 X 32 centimeter), and large (34 X 38 centimeter), bags. The largest one can easily take in a couple of cauliflowers or cabbages. They are made at a family-owned business in the Indian state of Tamilnadu while the design and distribution part is looked after by a company based in Wiltshire. The product is GOTS certified and uses unbleached and organic cotton. The reusable produce bags have side seam and can be closed with a drawstring made of cotton. The tare ware is displayed on each bag. The cost comes to £7 ($9.71) for a set of three bags.

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Eco Living Bags From Boobalou

Here you get a combination of cotton mesh bags and cotton fabric bags, finely woven, and with an exquisite finish. While the cotton bags measure 28 X 32 centimeters, the fabric bags allow you to peer inside as the fabric is a tad sheer.

The mesh bags are forcefully constructed and have top and side seams that are strengthened with cotton tape. The design and the thick cotton make the bag ideal to carry bread, but you might just as well use it for fresh produce.

A Unique Reusable Produce Bags From Postera

The brand, Branded Legoomes from the French word (legumes) for vegetables. They were the earliest reusable produce bags that were manufactured from recycled bottles. The six-seat pack contains three sizes of 20 X 30, 30 X 35, and 30 X 43 centimeters, each having a different colored drawstring. The tare weight is indicated on the label.

Cotton Mesh Bags From Elephant Box

The catchy slogan sums it up. ‘Choose to reuse and be part of the solution.’ The pack of three reusable produce bags in three sizes comes in 16 X 22, 23 X 28, and 30 X 36 centimeters. The small bags can take in 750 grams of tomatoes or five medium-sized onions. 

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The medium ones can handle around 2 kilograms of onions while the largest ones can easily pack in 4 kilograms of potatoes. Based in India, the suppliers ensure ideal working conditions for their workers and have commendable ethical values.

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