As Temperatures Rise Worldwide, Climate Change Needs A Fresh Approach

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The importance of climate change is now clear for humans as we need to depend on nature for our food, water, and other resources. Climate influences the productivity of crops, the availability of water, and also the occurrence of natural phenomena like storms, droughts, and diseases.

While our traditional worldview is centered on humans, we are now beginning to understand that Earth is a giant reservoir of energy and materials that we need to survive. And the resources are not unlimited or inexhaustible. But the application of fear will not help in engaging with the people on climate change.

Climate Change Has Become More Unprecedented And Unpredictable

No part of the planet is immune to the changes. The western part of the US and Canada is facing an unprecedented rise in temperatures and extended periods of drought. Climate changes have led to temperatures reaching levels seen previously in deserts with Lytton experiencing 49.5C (121 F), breaking all previous records.

Scientists are alarmed but not surprised at the rapid climate change as they have been warning about the rapid change since the eighties. But the crisis brought about by rapid climate changes cannot be resolved by blaming humans for the crisis.

The need of the hour is more interaction about climate changes. Discussion and studies on these issues are still less than normal. While global warming continues to be the biggest challenge facing the climate, the intensity of the issue is not reflected in the list of priorities both for the governments and the media.

It occupied just 0.4% of the broadcasting time in the United States last year, while it was 0.7% a year earlier in 2019. The serious natural calamity that has befallen the western regions of the United States affecting 11 states and 40 million people directly has been relegated to a footnote in the major news outlets.

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Most media outlets treat climate change as something in the distant future and not as something that has been affecting humanity directly. Every natural calamity can be directly linked to the climatic changes in the world.

But education people cannot be confined to feeding more facts. Political affiliations influence large groups of people to directly dismiss the climate crisis. To be effective any engagement on climate change has to be at a level that people can understand and relate to, and which can lead to a direct solution.

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