Rob Greenfield’s Effort To Adopt Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle Becomes An Example For Many

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Rob Greenfield is presently on a special mission whereby he desires to bring a message for sustainable living to all humans. He is striving by taking the help of unusual approaches including wearing the garbage that he generates. He also forages his own food and cycles all over the US on a cycle made from bamboo by himself.

At one time Rob Greenfield had landed in the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin which is completely defunct. He was seen to be immediately leaping off to a plant nearby. It was growing in the midst of a makeshift plot of the garden and he was seen munching a leaf after ripping it off the plant. Later he was heard saying that it could have been a mustard or radish plant and belonged to the Brassica family. He emphasized the fact that there are numerous edible fruits and vegetables around.

Rob Greenfield is trying to find an edible dandelion that he earlier spotted. However, it was side-tracked by some thought. This dandelion could be eaten raw and did not sting the mouth by correctly folding it. He also stressed the benefits of the plant on human health.

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Food Foraging Experience By Rob Greenfield

Rob Greenfield has recently spent 1 entire year where he grew as well as forage for his own meals. During this year he lived in a small house within a hundred square feet. In addition, he also built the house from recycled materials found in the backyard of an Orlando house.

The concept and intention behind creating such a space and lifestyle were that when people walked past his garden and noticed the abundance of home-grown food, they would get inspired. He informed, that the environmentally-friendly lifestyle will be greatly attractive to people if done the right way.

Moreover, Rob Greenfield also added that the citizens of the US think that leading a simple life is a radical form of life. Consumerism is acutely important and intricately associated with the social standing of humans. Hence Greenfield has found it suitable to opt for a radically different kind of life by overcoming the biggest hurdle in life.

He planned on testing the possibility of living outside the industrial system of food worldwide. Following the pattern of life that does not harm the planet is difficult but joyful, according to a native from Wisconsin.

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Small Changes, Big Impacts

Rob Greenfield has gladly accepted that he prefers to do extreme things that push the boundaries. For the past 10 years, he has been trying to grow greens and motivate others on the same path. Furthermore, Greenfield has been living ‘off the grid’ by building a small home that is totally solar-powered. He also traveled to various parts of America riding a bamboo cycle.

Rob Greenfield

Credits Rob Greenfield

He is now paving the way for a minimal living with very few things and rarely using any money. Greenfield roams about penniless and donates most of his earnings that comes by conducting discussions and workshops on useful environmental causes. Such transformation in life for the last decade has been very radical.

On the other hand, during his early entrepreneurial days, he was greatly focused on earning money and impressing people with exclusive possessions. However, he has changed his typical American lifestyle. Soon after understanding the adverse impacts of such a life on the environment, Rob Greenfield stated that the ‘American dream’ is a nightmare for the planet.

Greenfield took another radical step in 2016 by adorning all the garbage produced by him on a daily basis. He carried almost 2 kilos of garbage every day to shock people and encourage them to take drastic steps. Nonetheless, that month became challenging for him as he used to stink and faced difficulties in traveling on public transport. Greenfield frequently interacts with local people and arranges potluck with home-grown produce.

Image Featured Rob Greenfield

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