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Rolloe: Bicycle Wheels Which Filter The Air

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Rolloe is speculated to be a marvel of an invention. It has specially designed tires that can do wonders. The wheels can purify the polluted air aiding the environment. You can do all of these by just cycling! At a time when the world is plagued by the demons of pollution, this is a welcome invention. Every day tonnes of harmful substances are mixed with the air. The level of pollution has skyrocketed in the recent past. Alarming levels of PPI have been recorded. If the atmosphere is not cleansed properly, we would soon be surrounded by a blanket of carbon. Cleaning the air is just what Rolloe does. Let us find out more about this wonderful discovery below. 

Rolloe Developer Kristen Tapping Aims To Reduce Air Pollution 

Rolloe is a special type of wheel which can be fitted in a bicycle. Its full form is Roll-Off Emission. Kristen Tapping designed the wheel which was adjudged the most innovative design in the Plastic Competition of 2020. Kristen is a student of the third year from the South Bank University of London. She kept on working with cardboard, fans, and incense sticks until she hit her mission. 

Kristen experimented with the best way to produce a strong expulsion & vacuum system. This would enable a proper suction of polluted air. The air would then be purified by the wheels and released as the rider pedals the machine. The approved model boasts of activated filters of carbon, HEPA & loofah. These will help Rolloe to trap particles of harmful gases from the atmosphere. 

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As the rider starts pedaling, the fins of the wheels suck in the polluted air. The air then goes through four layers of filters and is released as fresh air. Kristen has initially targeted people who use bikes predominantly. These will also be available at a rent. Tapping hopes to open her invention for all the consumers very soon. 

Rolloe is a great invention. Its ability to filter the air without much complexity is surely a big bonus. The wheels are expected to be a massive hit and perform well in the market. To further draw the customers, Kristen announced monetary incentives for its users as well. 

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