Roof Tiles Designed As Shelters To Birds

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Roof Tiles are one of the most commonly used materials. These tiles are used to give the roof a polished look. There are a lot of designs and variations of such tiles. The variety of tiles is produced to give the consumers a plethora of options to choose from. 

However, most of these materials are used as simple tiles for decoration. A company in Turkey has decided to rub a pinch of innovation into these. Recent news has surfaced about a company in Turkey that designs its roof tiles in a unique way. These tiles can be used as a shelter for birds. 

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Birds are becoming more and more endangered in today’s world. A number of species have already faced extinction due to rapid globalization. Many others are on the verge of getting extinct. The main reason for the endangerment of the birds is the loss of habitat. Rapid industrial and population growth is the culprit behind it. 

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With more and more industries, more and more are required. Unfortunately, the land on the Earth is very much limited. Thus, people cut down the trees and forests for erecting new factories or housing complexes. The cutting of trees makes the birds homeless. 

Deforestation has also affected a lot of exotic species other than birds. Most of the birds find it difficult to survive outside their natural habitat. In recent times, the birds are seen migrating to the cities. The pollution, noises, and many other factors are contributing to a sharp decline in the number of birds. 

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Another key factor responsible for the deaths of birds is radiation from mobile towers. The emission from cell phone towers is deadly for the birds. A lot of deaths have been reported while testing the 5G bandwidths recently. Thus, it is very much important to take the necessary steps to conserve the birds. 

Hitit Tera” the Turkish manufacturing company has pledged to provide the birds with shelters. Their roof tiles thus have a unique design. Let us learn more about the roof tiles in detail below. 

Hitit Tera Roof Tiles: Fusing Environment With Industry 

“Industrial manufacturing can never cater to the environment”. This has been a popular belief for a long time. Hitit Tera is looking to change the stereotypical idea. They have begun producing roof tiles that give shelter to the homeless birds. The company predominantly uses soil as the main component to design the tiles. 

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The roof tiles are designed in a way that provides enough room for the bird to fit in. A basket is attached for the bird to nest under the tiles. Adequate ventilation is also provided by the tiles. 

Wood is used to make the structure of the nesting basket. The design ensures that the birds do not get inside the house accidentally. It is also very easy to clean the nests after the birds complete their breeding. 

Roof Tiles Are The New Homes For Birds 

roof tiles

The innovative thinking of Hitit Tera has everyone praising them. The National Parks of Turkey has decided to dispatch the tiles free of cost to the villagers. The idea of designing such tiles was conceived by Ali Arslan and Cengiz Başaranhıncal. 

Together they formed the Hitit Tera. The founders reflected on their initiative. They stated that they first came across the idea on social media. However, the cost of the roof tiles was very high. Such a scenario made them get to work and affordably produce the tiles. 

The Afyon Nature Conservation performed quality tests on the roof tiles and gave them the green signal. The 5th Regional Directorate Of National Parks fine-tuned the designs of the nests. 

Hitit Tera now works along with the parks and produces five different types of nests. These roof tiles are specially customized for birds of different species. 

Image credit: hititterra

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