Runaway Horse Carries Groom: Crackers Might Have Been The Reason

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Ajmer, Rajasthan has reported an incident where a runaway horse got scared of some firecrackers. This incident caused no harm to the groom, but things could have taken a different turn.

The weddings in the Northern parts of India are filled with dancing baaratis. They dance their hearts away while bursting firecrackers on the way. One such ceremony was reported recently, where a firecracker scared the groom’s horse, and the runaway horse carried off its rider. The video has become viral and the people on the internet are laughing their pants off while watching the runaway horse.

Runaway Horse

This incident happened in a small village, Rampura. Rampura belonged to the town of Nasirabad in Ajmer. 

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The Runaway Horse And Her Groom

The groom had prepared the procession with everything. The sounds and lights were ready. The groom was dressed in traditional attire while the horse was beautifully decorated. The horse was being fed, as a tradition, when a member started bursting crackers near the poor animal. The horse got scared out of his skin.

Runaway horse

The horse ran off, carrying the groom with her. The owner of the horse did his best to control the animal, but all he did was chase the animal’s reins while running behind it.

The runaway horse ran for 4 kilometers before it was caught by the family. The members helped the groom to escape from this frantic animal after they caught up with him. 

The groom and the runaway horse were not harmed at all, and the groom later returned to his baraat, to travel to Jaipur.

The viral clip had won everyone’s attention. Some netizens found it hilarious while the others felt bad for the horse or the grom. It could have ended badly for either of the members. Many netizens advised others to stay safe near such animals who are ticked off by loud music or firecrackers. 

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