Meet S.P. Pandey: Safeguarding The Rights Of 500 Elephants In West Bengal

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Meet S.P. Pandey, an animal rights activist, who is currently safeguarding the rights of over 500 elephants in West Bengal. S.P. Pandey is the owner of SPOAR. SPOAR is the society created by Mr. Pandey to protect animal rights and Ophiofauna. Mainly, this organization is involved in resolving conflicts between humans and animals in the state of West Bengal. In doing so, the society is also responsible for collaborating with owners of tea estates, gram panchayat, and forest officials.

S.P. Pandey Shows Us That With Right Commitment And Passion We Can Create A Better Life For Our Animals!

The Munda Pascal Incident which occurred in the tea estate named Morongi in Numaligarh brought the human-animal conflict to the limelight. This year, in July, some villagers teased elephants passing through NH39. One of those elephants reacted back and ended up killing a local named Munda. This whole scene was recorded on tape and then made viral on several platforms of social media. The elephants who happened to be passing peacefully through a colony were teased by the humans.

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It was simply the result of a lack of complete altruistic behavior. We have seen this kind of cruel behavior from humans in the past. Last year, Titi, North Bengal was a witness to an HEC incident. An elephant attacked an intoxicated guy in the Buxa corridor. The elephant reacted after the teen ended up hurling stones at her baby. In 2018 a man lost his life after chasing an elephant and trying to slow him down for a selfie. 

From West Bengal to Karnataka, this is simply a result of a severe obsession with making viral videos and entertainment. After encountering problems like fencing, illegal encroachments, deforestation, and electrocution, the elephants also have to face this severe problem.

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Thanks to S.P. Pandey who created a Green Corridor Champion with the help of WTI. SP Pandey has successfully created a system of monitoring 9 elephant corridors across West Bengal. S.P. Pandey reminds us that with the right commitment and passion to save wild spaces and wildlife, we can create a better life for them and also for us!

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