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Scuba Diver Eight Years Old Girl Saves The Ocean

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Scuba Diver girl has gone viral recently on the internet. She has been dedicated to working towards the betterment of the marine environment. 

What a more amusing is the fact that the girl is just eight years old. Plastic contamination is one of the worst problems that is being faced in today’s world. 

The whole world is very much dependent on plastic products. Almost every material that we use is made up of plastic. The main reason for the growing popularity of plastics is their easy-to-use nature. 

Unfortunately, the comfort has some serious consequences. Plastic is one of the most dangerous materials on the heart of planet Earth. One of the biggest drawbacks of the material is that it cannot be destroyed. 

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Most plastics are single-use materials. This means that after being used once, you can not use the same again. This creates a huge problem as the number of waste increases drastically. 

Looking at the non-biodegradable nature of the material, the hazard of waste management becomes even more concerning. Using plastic on a large scale basis brings a lot of added hazards as well. 

Plastics are mindlessly disposed of into water bodies and oceans. Plastic bottles, polythene packets, and several other items are thrown into the seas and oceans. 

The crowding of marine water with plastics poses a serious threat to animals. Plastic does not let air pass through them. Thus, the natural supply of oxygen is compromised significantly. 

It also affects the natural habitat and ecosystem. Fishes and other creatures mistakenly consume plastic for food. This is very dangerous and many deaths have been recorded due to plastic contamination. 

A very tragic sight of a dead whale having a belly full of plastic went viral. Thus, it is very important to address these problems to save marine lives. A young scuba diver girl seems to have taken up the challenge herself. 

The girl works with her father and collects plastics from the ocean to make it safer for marine life to thrive. Let us learn more about the scuba diver girl in detail below. 

Scuba Diver Girl Thaaragai Arathana Is Saving Marine Life 

Thaaragai Arathana was very interested about the seas and oceans from her childhood. She decided to become a scuba diver at an early age. Arathana had her first dive when she was just five years old. 

Adaptive Support Diver scaled

The girl was born in Chennai and has now become a celebrity. The young girl has become so well equipped with diving that she now imparts her knowledge about diving to beginners. 

In a recently conducted interview, Arathana said that one should not hold their breath while diving. She stated that not holding one’s breath was the basic rule to become a professional scuba diver. 

The Eight-year-old girl was asked about her inspiration. She stated that all her interest in water has come from her father. Aravind Tharunsri is an ardent outdoorsman. He is well versed in the basics of diving and conducts regular classes on the subject. 

While conducting the dives, Arathana noticed something that broke her heart. She saw how the ocean waters were filled with plastic. 

The girl got saddened by the fact and decided to accompany her father in cleaning up as much waste as they could. 

Arathana The Scuba Diver Inspires People At Eight 

Thaaragai Arathana was keen on cleaning the ocean. Looking at her daughter’s excitement, Aravind decided to take her along with him. This is how the journey of the young scuba diver started. 

Both Aravind and Arathana now work in tandem to remove plastic wastes from oceans. Together they have removed close to 600kgs of harmful plastics. They collect the junk and sell it to scrap vendors and shops. 

These bottles are then thoroughly processed and recycled for further usage. Both Arathana and her father wish to donate the entire money to the Environment Department of the Tamil Nadu government. 

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Thaaragai reminisced about how both of them went to the beach and cleaned up the waste. Aravind stated that he feels children must be acquainted with water from a very early age. 

This will help them grow a connection with the environment. The father and her scuba diver daughter now conduct seminars to raise awareness about plastic contamination hazards. 

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