Sea Angel | Mysterious Organism Found Off The Russian Coast

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“Sea Angel”, the name strikes as something beautiful and unimaginable under the sea. It is just as its name suggests.

Alexander Semenov was on an expedition under the sea when he saw the sea angel. Alexander works at the Moscow State University and is a Marine Biologist. The “Sea angel” belongs to the family of sea butterflies or Clione limacina, as named by the scientists.

Watch the sea angel swim around in the cold sea:

Confronting The Sea Angel In Cold Russian Waters

Alexander and his team were moving into the depths of the oceans and their goal was to look for unique and fascinating creatures that lived in the watery dark. A project known as Aquatilis was initiated that was tasked to bring forward important information about the unexplored regions of the Earth and bring to light the species that stay there. Alexander and his divers were a part of this project.

Sea angel

They were exploring the White Sea when they came across this sea creature. This mollusk could be distinguished by its beautiful colors and the unique shape of its body. These zooplanktons live 1,600 feet below the surface of the sea and are impossible to spot. It was a great stroke of luck that the team of divers managed to see this creature and click a picture of this rare mollusk. 

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The sea angel lives in the Arctic Ocean and feeds with sea butterflies. The adults can be as long as 1.5 to 1.6 inches. 

The tiny creature swims gracefully and watching the sea angel swim around was a complete pleasure for Alexander. These creatures seemed to float in the dark waters while waving their beautifully colored wings. 

sea angel

The deeper parts of the sea are unexplored and watching the sea angels is just the tip of the iceberg. We hope that this project can provide us with more pictures of such beautiful and fascinating creatures.

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