Sea Eagles In Loch Lomond For The First Time In A Century

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The Loch Lomond National Nature Reserve had a couple of surprise visitors when two sea eagles, or white-tailed eagles, were spotted this year. there have stuck around and were seen searching for nest sites, a sign that they aim to stick around. The sea eagles were spotted for the first time at the lake in over a hundred years; the last sighting being in 1918 in Shetland.

The sea eagles disappeared from Britain due to scarcity of habitat and persecution. They were reintroduced in Shetland in the 70s. This was repeated in the 90s and 2000s. it proved a success, and it is believed that there are around 150 pairs in the region.

Multiple Agencies Unite To Save The Sea Eagles

Various agencies including NatureScot, National Park Authority of Loch Lomond and Trossachs, and The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Scotland, have joined hands to keep track of the behavior of the pair of sea eagles.

The place has been put under protection to minimize disturbance to the mating couple. Visitors have been instructed to keep a safe distance, and the area is being monitored regularly to ensure that the sea eagles are not disturbed by the visitors to the park and nearby dwellers.

Paul Roberts, Operations Manager at NatureScot said that this was a new episode in the success of the conservation of the sea eagles. He said that the reserve is carefully nurtured to give visitors a rewarding and diverse experience.

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Simon Jones of the Loch Lomond national park said that the birds are the largest birds of prey in the UK. He said that their presence at Loch Lomond has created excitement.

He said that the park authorities are engaging with various stakeholders who will be impacted by the arrival of the birds, including users of the loch, local farmers, and visitors.

He said that we are responsible for protecting the sea eagles and ensure that they are not disturbed. He said that the park authorities have the necessary experience of such conservation methods like they did with ospreys. A similar protection routine was put in place to protect them.

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