‘Sea Of Plastic’ Stretches For Miles In The Caribbean, Killing Wildlife

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Plastic is currently the most widely used item across the world. Most items produced, in the present day and age, contain plastic. Such items are both cheap and convenient.

On the other hand, all man-made materials are gradually wreaking havoc all over the planet. We have received several shocking images of the Honduran island in Roatan during last year. These pictures were captured by Caroline Power, a photographer, who has clearly revealed that the vast water bodies are slowly turning into a ‘sea of plastic’.

In addition, the photos of the idyllic island are usually referred to as a paradise. However, during the last few years, this perspective of Honduran island has undergone a dramatic change. The waters surrounding this beautiful island are covered with plastic. Earlier the oceans were icy blue and transparent but now, all that is visible to the naked eye is congested and brimming pollution.

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Photos Of Plastic Pollution

Power had set off to capture the photos along with a team of divers. They swam through the trash floating above the waters for almost miles. One of the areas that are known as a ‘sea of plastic’ stretched for only 2 miles. Apart from plastic items, they also found several other items including discarded football and television sets, toothbrushes, shoes, soda bottles, and many other things.


Credits Caroline Power

Power and the team had mentioned in one of their emails that Honduras cannot be solely blamed for creating this vast stretch of plastic floating near their shores. Power had also noted that an average human being in each country on this planet lives unsustainably.

She has also pointed out that every person generally discards goods that can be easily recycled, refurbished, or reused. This state of mind needs to be changed immediately in order to salvage the natural ecology. Her photos are helping daily consumers and people to rethink and bring small changes in their habits.

The photos that have come across from the Caribbean is absolutely shocking and it is meant to be. The river of plastic urges people to reflect upon their lifestyle and actions. Unhealthy habits are killing wildlife and destroying the ecosystem. Power’s photos reveal the extent of the plastic waste issue.

Single-Use Plastics Choking Nature


Credits Caroline Power

Power had posted the photos on social media and requested people to come together and help. She made a strong plea stating that this plastic pollution needs to stop. People must think about their daily life. Food habits must be assessed in a critical way to prevent plastic waste.

She had further added that most street food vendors and consumers resort to styrofoam, plastic cutlery, and bags. Since all of these are single-use, they inevitably end up in the trash. Furthermore, plastic trash bags, soda bottles, food warps, zip lock, plastic included toilet paper, grocery bags, and other daily-use items are irresponsibly discarded by us.

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Earnest Plea To Save The Planet

The primary objective of this request from Power is to raise awareness among people regarding the polluted oceans across the planet. The photos taken by her were so shocking that she did not even take any payment for them. Instead, she requested news publications and outlets to make donations to the Marine Park of Roatan.

She informed, that Marine Park is a local non-profit organization. It operated several conservation programs like anti-plastic and environmental education campaigns. Powers has also encouraged the readers of her story to support their nearby local organizations which are combatting plastic pollution or trying to protect marine life.

She had also written that marine life is being gradually choked by plastic waste. Moreover, this problem also belongs to the first world nations.

Image Featured Caroline Power

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