Ecosia: A Search Engine That Lets You Surf Web And The Plants Trees With The Profits

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The alarms have been going off that is reminding us of the impending doomsday. The exponentially high levels of carbon emission are driving climate change with irrevocable possibilities. Human activities have further added fuel to this global catastrophe. However, technological advancements have made it possible to plant more trees with the help of a search engine. 

It is already obvious that a single corporation or government agency will not be able to reverse or prevent global destruction. Only a collective effort that is regular and at a large scale will be able to curb the destruction of nature. As a result, a search engine named Ecosia has come up with an ingenious plan to plant an increasing number of trees whenever it is used by a person.

This may sound unbelievable but it is true. Surfing the web is a part and parcel of all humans across the world. Hence, the process of planting trees also becomes enormous in number. Millions of people have joined forces to make this noble cause a great success.

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Collective Effort To Frequently Use Search Engine 

Ecosia is a non-profit organization based in Germany. It is the 1st ever German corporation to receive a B certificate for its sustainable environmental work. Ecosia is a search engine that donates all its profits earned from web searches towards planting trees worldwide. 

In addition, this search engine had been launched in 2009 and has successfully eliminated 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. Furthermore, it also keeps the best interest of its users first since they refrain from selling their data to any advertisers. Their searches remain encrypted. Additionally, this site deletes searches and makes no use of external tracking apps.

Most importantly, Ecosia maintains complete transparency. As a result, this search engine site has managed to earn massive goodwill and fame. Christian Kroll is the founder as well as the CEO who has started this wonderful journey 11 years ago. 

As of now, Google gets used more than 3.5 times each day. If Ecosia gets used to a fraction of this, our planet will certainly become a greener place. The only way to make this happen is to use this search engine more often and by more people.

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Achievements Towards Sustainability 

Ecosia puts the sign of fossil fuel beside every corporation that generates a large quantity of CO2 and leaves a huge carbon footprint. They also strive to plant more native trees. Since the Amazon fires, they planted a massive 3 million native trees across Brazil.


 Moreover, this search engine has also helped in attaining a greener Earth after the Australian bushfires. Ecosia has also been planting trees near the Covid-19 hospitals since May 2020 to provide a healthy environment to the frontline workers. 

On the other hand, this search engine also has some other projects lined up with the aims of making sustainable efforts on a global level. They intend to build a nursery of trees in Madagascar since 2018 that will include more than 200,000 trees. This search engine has also prevented several local people from selling the land in their possession to palm oil firms. This was one of their forest-agriculture project that was of utmost importance. 

Ecosia is often seen getting involved in numerous local campaigns and land disputes between large corporations and local people. They have no aim to earn profits but to make this search engine popular enough to be able to plant more trees.

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