Sedated Lion Used As Prop For Wedding Photoshoot? Concern Rises As Video Goes Viral

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Human beings are known to go to great lengths in order to make their wedding day very special. The social media posts of newly married couples or of their wedding day have often taken the netizens by surprise. In a desire to make their wedding photographs stand out, they try to do something strange that often backfires. Recently a couple in Pakistan used a sedated lion for their wedding shoot. 

Recently, social media platforms have been flooded with photos that show that a couple from Pakistan has been posing with a cub at the time of the wedding. It was expected that social media would make those videos and photos viral within a few minutes and shock everyone all over the world.

This Pakistani couple seemed to happily pose for their wedding photoshoot with the sedated lion. These photographs had been first shared by a studio named Studio Afzl which is a photography studio based in the city of Lahore. Studio Afzl is known to cover weddings as well as bridal photo shoots. They released the photos with the help of the Instagram story. 

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Wedding Photography With Sedated Lion 


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The Pakistani wedding couple and the photography studio had made the claims that the sedated lion cub was merely used as a prop for the wedding frame. This sedated lion was seen right beside the Pakistani couple during the wedding shoot. 

The netizens were quick to spot the sedated lion in the wedding frame along with the Pakistani couple on their wedding day. Soon the photos and clipping became viral with the hashtag #SherdiRani across all the posts and stories on social media. The use of the sedated lion cub in the wedding photos had led to the concern and infuriation of numerous people across the world. 

Many people considered this to be an obvious violation of animal rights. Activists and general sensitive people raised their voices and pointed out the infringement and utterly insensitive act of using the sedated cub as a mere prop to decorate the wedding photoshoot. 

On the other hand, the photography studio soon clarified that the animal is not owned by them after they received such a large-scale backlash. They further mentioned that the lion was not even tranquilized. In addition, the owner of the lion was also present during the shoot.

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Violation Of Animal Rights 

The photography studio had also written in their social media post that the animal had not to wither been sedated nor harmed in any manner. Moreover, the lion cub had thoroughly enjoyed and spent a free time during the wedding. In order to prove their claims the studio also shared 2 short boomerang videos where the cub could be seen having a good time that seemed to support their claim. 

This grave matter was later taken up by the Animal Rescue & Shelter of JFK after the social media post faced a lot of backlashes and decided to visit the photography studio for inquiry. Later they informed that the studio is truly regretful of their act of using an animal for their shoot. 

However, the animal owner certainly had a license. Additionally, the studio had rightly claimed that they did not drug the animal or does not keep the cub in their studio for any purpose. Nonetheless, the netizens seemed concerned over the seemingly sedated lion and tagged local authorities to look into the matter more closely. As a result, after proper investigation, no evidence of violation was found.

Image Featured Studio Afzl

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