Sephora To Discontinue Making Fake Eyelashes Out Of Mink Fur

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Fake eyelashes might be a fashion statement that is extremely popular. Coyly batting them can also help in having an innocent look. But how many of us know about how these false eyelashes are made? Let us start by just saying that the process is not innocent at all.

Often fake eyelashes are made with mink fur. This is all a product of the extremely cruel industry behind furs. The crueler part of all this is that fake eyelashes made out of synthetic materials are also available. In fact, the options are varied and even cheaper.

As a result, customers had demanded that mink fur false eyelashes are no longer created. PETA, the international environmental activists’ organization, had also taken up the fight. In all this pressure, Sephora, one of the most well-known beauty chains, have announced their decision to no longer sell mink eyelashes. The decision was confirmed by the company via email.

A Welcome Step Regarding Fake Eyelashes

Presently, Sephora has outlets in 34 countries. The beauty chain also has over 2,600 stores. They had said that only fake eyelashes which are synthetic and do not involve any cruelty towards animals will be stocked by them. However, the stock of eyelashes made from mink fur which is already present will still be sold.

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PETA’s specific campaign on the matter directed towards Sephora was especially potent at securing the decision. Over 280,000 customers had emailed the beauty chain requesting Sephora to no longer sell the fake eyelashes made from mink fur.

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In their campaign, PETA recorded and sent undercover videos of a mink farm in Canada to Sephora. The video shows adorable furry minks being kept in crowded, dark cages made of wires. They can be seen gnawing desperately on the wires which were rusted to be free. The animals were also clearly in distress as they frantically paced to and fro. Furthermore, the living conditions were horrible and illness, feces, and maggots were not cleaned from the cages.

The Horrible Life And Death Of Captive Minks

PETA, in its official statement, described these farms as filthy and hellish. They said that the stressed minks had no option other than frantically and endlessly circling the inside of their tiny wire cages. They also claimed that an undercover eyewitness also saw a mink try to chew through the wires until blood came out from the creature’s face.

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PETA continued in their explanation that the industry of fur often keeps minks alive while they suffer from malformed or broken legs and infections. Some even mutilate themselves as they chew their own tails or legs to deal with the intense confines. Moreover, when the time to kill them comes, they are either killed by breaking their necks, anally electrocuted, or simply gassed. These methods are the cheapest available.

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In a later statement, a spokesperson from Sephora said that the beauty chain has always had a commitment towards the highest beauty standards. Furthermore, the company is proud of its responsibility and ability to have honest and transparent communications with their clients, especially regarding the products which they carry. As such, they will only offer products that are trusted by their clients, and mink fur fake eyelashes are not one of them. The spokesperson said that Sephora is going to listen to the partners and people who have helped in bringing the company to where it stands.

The basic idea is that mink fur eyelashes and coats made of mink fur involve the same amount of cruelty. Moreover, there are way cheaper and better fake eyelashes that do not involve any cruelty. So there really is hardly any reason to continue this mink torture. 

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