Shopping Mall In Sweden Upholds Sustainability After It Recycles And Upcycles Every Item

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Anna Bergstrom was faced with a great dilemma. Although she enjoyed high fashion and occasionally indulged in it, she ended up feeling guilty about the unsustainable practice and its adverse impact on the planet. However, she has successfully managed to find some peace and has been spared from her guilt. A Swedish shopping mall has brought the perfect solution for her and others with similar issues.

This shopping mall runs quite a few stylish boutiques that offer second-hand products which are both stylish and efficient. Anna Bergstrom finds this shopping mall extremely pleasing to her senses. What she finds the most enticing about his mall is that it makes a strong statement.

This Swedish shopping mall consists of 14 shops that offer special items. In addition, the sale includes clothes, accessories, as well as DIY tools. Furthermore, the shops only put up the items that are completely recycled.

Anna is normally averse to second-hand stores because of the reason that they have a peculiar smell. On the other hand, she does love vintage fashion. However, this shopping mall has an enticing smell and inviting appeal.

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Enticing Quality Of Second-Hand Shopping Mall

It is usually seen that charity shops and flea markets have a stigma attached to them and often leave the customers with a bad experience. Moreover, they are depressing despite being worthy and cost-effective. Anna’s aim was to introduce a second-hand shopping mall in the mainstream.

This shopping mall located in Sweden is very appealing and spacious, similar to an Ikea store. The customers are greeted with a tree, art installation, circular bench, and an array of recycled materials at the very entrance. The mall also has a gift-wrapping service and a coffee shop.

Shopping Mall

Credits ReTuna

The shopping mall is named ReTuna. The nickname is ‘Tuna’ owing to the fact that the mall is situated in the city called ‘Eskilstuna’. This city is located almost 1 hour towards the west via train to Stockholm. The ‘Re’ signifies the recycled or repurposed goods that are put up for sale.

The local government of Eskilstuna had set this shopping mall up in 2015 within a warehouse that had been used earlier to keep the trucks of a logistics firm. The stores inside the mall have operated a business instead of charities. Additionally, all the shops pay business rates and rent collectively.

The business motto of Anna Bergstrom that she reminds all the shopkeepers about states that they must run their business just as Hug Boss does. This is mainly because she believes that this shopping mall is no less than any other commercial, regular, glitzy mall.

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10 Things You Can Recycle To Play Your Part

1: Plastic Bags- Soft bags slow the breakdown of the operation by clogging the machines. We must hence use recyclable bags rather than single-use plastic bags.

2: Take-Out Boxes- Using one’s own reusable containers instead of take-out boxes is a sustainable practice.

3: Gift Wrap- Metallic wrapping papers or shiny ribbons create plastic pollution. Unlaminated paper can be reused to wrap gifts.

4: Tiny Plastic Bits- The small metal tabs attached to the soft drink containers or confectionary wrappers are increasing micro-plastic pollution across the world.

5: Food Waste- Recycling and reducing food waste is of utmost importance currently.

6: Old Crockery- Broken or unused crockery must be donated rather than thrown in the garbage. They can also be used in craft projects.

7: Sanitary Products- Most municipalities do not accept sanitary trash or dirty diapers. However, there are facilities that pick up this trash.

8: Paper- Shredded bits of paper must be composted or recycled sustainably.

9: Cups- Disposable cups contain plastic that is difficult to break down and ends up in landfills and oceans.

10: Hard Paper Boxes- Ice-cream and food boxes are usually hard cartons. Using reusable containers is the best alternative.

More places must take inspiration from this Swedish shopping mall and make this world a better place.

Image Featured ReTuna

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