Sikkim Boy’s Empathy For His Chicken Praised By Netizens

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The latest viral animal video doing the rounds is that of a young Sikkim Boy, crying and pleading with his elders. Why is he doing this, though? The chickens he had raised with love and care were being taken away.

For children, there are several things in life that they may not be able to understand. Moreover, when those things happen they can only be sad over them and try everything in their power to stop them. But most of the time it is not possible. This viral animal video has a Sikkim boy coming to a very disheartening realization. His pure and innocent soul was on full display as his reactions tugged on the heartstrings of all who watched the video. The video originated from Sikkim and was probably captured by his father.

The Sikkim Boy Loved His Chickens

In the viral video, which is about 5 and a half minutes long, the young boy is brought face to face with the sight of his family’s chicken being packed into a van. The innocent Sikkim boy had worked hard so far helping his family raise the chickens in the household. But no one had explained to him that the chickens were for commercial purposes. They were poultry chickens, in other words. So when he saw the men picking up and packing his chickens into a van he did all he could to stop it.

But the Sikkim boy could only do so much because of his age and the situation. At the start of the video, it looked like he was pointing out what was happening to his guardian. He probably asked why or where the family’s chickens were being taken. Then, the adult with him probably explained what was going on in simple terms which the Sikkim Boy could understand. Perhaps, he said that the chickens will not come back again to see him.

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The young boy could not take it anymore after hearing that. He tried staying strong, but soon sat down on the road and gradually started crying. The Sikkim boy pleaded with his child-like innocence with the adults around him to give the chickens back. He could not understand, at all, that it was not possible. The family was touched, as well, but it could not be helped.

Some Things Cannot Be Avoided

The emotional attachment between the Sikkim boy and the chickens he raised was very strong. He even folded his hands and begged with all his little heart to convince the adults to stop loading the chickens into the van. The van’s destination was the slaughterhouse, so the adults knew he would not see them again. So the Sikkim boy pleaded with them to not cook the chickens into a curry to eat them. 

sikkim boy

But in the end, he failed to stop the process. He is then seen falling on the road behind the parked van. He could no longer hold his tears back as the sadness overwhelmed him. East Mojo reports that the Sikkim boy is from Melli in South Sikkim. He is only 6 years old.

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In the end, children do learn and recover fast. When the chickens were all loaded into the van, the child stood up and waved goodbye. He wished that he could see the chickens once again. But his crying could not be stopped. So his father promised him that there will be more chickens bought for the boy. Hopefully, that calmed the boy a little.

Social media users showered the boy with love and praise, highlighting his innocence and purity. Many lauded his compassion and the boy’s golden heart.

All image credits: Voice of Sikkim

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