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Smog Tower Opened At New Delhi, India

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Smog Tower has been set up in New Delhi. New Delhi has been hit the worst by air pollution. The air in the capital state of India is absolutely poor. The air quality is a matter of serious concern for the citizens. The presence of suspended particulate matter is very high in the capital state. Conditions get worse in the time of Diwali. A lot of firecrackers are burnt throughout the day. This emits a large amount of smoke into the atmosphere.

With the air quality already poor, the added emission worsens the situation. The city gets plunged into heavy smog quite often. The government has been seeking ways to sustain the growing pollution. The administration seemed to have found a solution- Smog Tower. India inaugurated its first tower in New Delhi. Let us learn about the implementation in detail. 

Smog Tower Idea Not Welcomed By Environmentalists

Arvind Kejriwal is the chief minister of New Delhi. He launched the towers that aim to reduce air pollution significantly. The tower measures a huge eighty-two feet and has forty fans installed. The fans are expected to pump in 1000cubic meters of air each second. The air will pass through the filters getting rid of half of the harmful contents. This process will, in turn, contribute to purifying the air to a great extent. The Chief Minister hailed the project terming it as a big occasion for all residents of Delhi. 

The Smog Tower was set up amidst a market region in Connaught Place. Kejriwal further stated that the installation was an experimental one. Engineers will keep a close eye and analyze its effectiveness. The chief minister promised to install more towers if the current ones met the purpose. 

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Most of the people were not happy with the decision. The Smog Tower has an estimated cost of about $2million. Towers required to effectively reduce the pollution would require a huge amount of money. The major chunk of the mass does not want the government to spend public money on such experiments. Karthik Ganesan is an environmentalist. He termed the move as futile and wasted. The people wanted the administration to reduce the sources of smog instead. 

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