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Sneaky Whale Fools Sightseers As They Look In The Wrong Direction

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 A sneaky whale sneaked past his way, in front of a group of watchers, when he breached the surface behind their boat. The picture that was captured is extremely amusing and won the hearts of the netizens as they saw the humor that such animals possess. Whales are intelligent too!!

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The Tale Of The Sneaky Whale

The whale watchers were facing in the opposite direction with their cameras pointed at the surface and missed the sneaky whale, that crept up behind them. They had completely missed the encounter but the other watchers had a funny sight.

It was by sheer luck that one of the members turned around to see the sneaky whale for just a second before it dived back into the water. The whale was only a few feet away from the boat full of watchers.

sneaky whale

 The people were amazed and celebrated after they managed to spot the whale on time and click amazing pictures of the encounter.

Some of the photos were taken by the watchers, who were right behind this boat and witnessed this incredible scenario.

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Smith was on a boat and saw the whale breach silently over the surface. She moved slowly and looked around her surroundings. He was a few feet away and caught the amazing moment in real-time. The sneaky whale seemed so close and before thinking twice, Smith took enough pictures. The whale missed the boat by inches, as seen by Eric J Smith.

The sneaky whale made everyone turn around and she dived back in as soon as she got everyone’s attention. They all cheered for the clever whale and laughed hysterically at this event and at the intelligence of the sea creature. 

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Photographing a whale is quite tough and requires a lot of luck. The photographers should always be ready and avoid being complacent. You might miss a beautiful moment if you let down your guard for even a second. Seeing such large mammals breach is an experience of a lifetime.

Image credits: Caters News Agency

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