Solar Park: The Mega Project Of India

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Solar Park in India is one of the biggest projects that has been undertaken in recent times. The world is in the quest of finding alternative energy resources. 

The mindless usage of fossil fuels has depleted the supply drastically. Recent studies have shown that the fossil fuel reserve would soon be exhausted. The biggest drawback of these fuels is that they are nonrenewable. 

You cannot remake them once they are used up. This results in rapid utilization of these resources. Fossil fuels are one of the most used resources on Earth. Apart from being nonrenewable, it is also harmful to the Earth’s atmosphere. 

The burning of fossil fuels emits harmful carbon components in the air. This carbon eventually contributes to the greenhouse effect that has a huge adverse impact on the planet. 

All these reasons have made the world search for a more convenient source of power supply. The easiest sources can be found in nature itself. Wind, Water, and the Sun can be a great alternative source. 

These are found in abundance and are not harmful to the Earth’s atmosphere. The most common source of alternate energy is the Sun. Solar energy is a subject that has been experimented with to a large extent. 

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Worldwide measures are being taken to make solar energy the primary source of energy for the Earth. India has also followed suit. They have set up a huge Solar Park to cater to the needs of the increasing demands of energy. 

The solar park of India is situated in Rajasthan. The area covers a staggering fourteen thousand acres and consists of a hundred million solar panels. The Bhadla Solar Park is referred to as the biggest park in the whole world. 

The park boasts of an operational capability worth 2245 megawatts. Let us learn more about the topic in detail below. 

Solar Park In India Is The Next Big Thing 

The solar park in Rajasthan aims to decrease the usage of fossil fuels drastically. With the capability of generating a huge amount of power, it urges people to opt for cleaner sources of energy. 

Solar Park
Solar Park

The park is cleaned in regular intervals by robots. These robots are managed by human beings and are run on solar energy. The mega project in Rajasthan was initiated in the year 2015. A hefty amount of investment worth $1.4billion was done towards the cause. The project was so big that it had to be divided into four parts. The first phase consisted of setting up solar panels that would produce 65MW energy. 

The capacities would vary from 5MW to 25MW. The next level saw the plant generating 680 MW worth of power. These two phases were done by the Solar Power Park Company Limited of Rajasthan. 

Saurya Urja took over the third phase. The final phase was partnered with the Adanis. In the final phase, the park generated 500 MW worth of electricity. 

Solar Parks Are Becoming Common In India 

India is striving hard towards the development of renewable sources of energy. They have set up a number of solar power plants in the country. 

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Apart from the mega-park in Rajasthan, there are currently thirty other solar projects in full flow in India. The country is investing more and more in cleaner sources of energy. 

The effective usage of such a form of energy will cater to the atmosphere significantly. These energy choices would also save the country millions of rupees spent on importing fossil fuels. 

The Bhadla Solar Park has recorded very low prices for its units. It only costs ₹2.62 per unit. Such lower rates are expected to encourage people to switch to solar energy significantly. 

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