Stranded Killer Whale Rescued After Tiresome Effort: Alaska

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A Stranded Killer whale was found in Alaska. The Whale arrived on the Prince of Wales island and got stuck in the rocks above the seawater. The locals and officials rescued the stranded killer whale after hours of hard work.

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The Stranded Killer Whale: How It Got Stranded

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The Stranded Killer Whale was 6 meters long and washed up on the island of Prince of Wales on Thursday. It was stuck in a bunch of rocks 4 feet above the tide level. The low level of tidewater restricted the orca from returning to its family.

Various locals helped on spot, by pouring loads of water on the stuck mammal, to hydrate the stranded killer whale.

Officials from the NOAA came to the spot later. 6 hours after the whale was spotted, the tide seemed to rise and swept the stranded killer whale away. The NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

Stranded Killer Whale

Julie Fair stated that the orca moved slowly when it reached the waters and swam away later. It took some time to relish the sweet water and meandered around. Julie was the spokesperson for the NOAA. The NOAA stated that the orca belonged to the west coast. It came from the Bigg’s killer whale population and was named T146D. They also stated that the stranded killer whale was tracked back to its pod.

5 other killer whales were spotted to be stranded, especially close to the Prince of Wales island. All of the whales were rescued as stated by Jared Towers. He works for the Canadian Department of Fisheries. 

Jared mentioned to the media that all these stranded whales have joined their respective populations and are living their lives healthily. 

Jared also mentioned that they had no idea when these whales were stranded or the circumstances leading to the stranding. He had made an assumption that the orcas were trying to hunt some seals, leading them to the shallower parts.

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Killer Whales are popularly known for chasing sea lions or seals towards the shallow waters and hence, becoming stranded on these rocks. 

Stranded Killer Whale

Killer Whales, also known as orca, belong to the family of dolphins. It can be recognized by its black and white patterns. These whales have a wide range of diets. Some can feed on fish while others can choose to gorge on seals or sea lions. They are considered to be apex predators and it was surprising to see a stranded killer whale. These whales are very social and live in populations known as ‘pods’. They also bear sophisticated hunting techniques and vocal calls. These animals are facing threats from humans due to a loss in their habitats and are also at risk of being captured for amusement parks.

Chance Strickland anchored his ship when he heard the whale crying out for its family. He let his crew help the whale survive such an accident. 

The boat’s captain felt that the Whale was crying and that he saw tears come out of its eyes. 

This incident occurred after the 8.2 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake shook the Alaskan coast and triggered a tsunami. However, this was not one of the factors of the Stranded Killer whale incident, as Fair told the media. 

These whales are not considered to be a threat to humans but they can harm their captives if they sense the threat of capture. It was really sad to see a stranded killer whale on a crevice. Kudos to all the locals and residents that took some time and effort to help out this poor animal!!

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