Stray Dogs Fed By Vending Machine

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Stray Dogs are one of the most neglected animals in the world. They are usually found roaming on the streets. These dogs are not taken proper care of. Most of them suffer from malnutrition. 

A huge wave of protest surfaced during the winter Olympics of 2014. The games were hosted in the city of Sochi, Russia. The organizers were having a tough time managing the stray dogs. A number of dogs were spotted roaming around inside the Olympic village. 

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The authorities decided to kill the dogs spotted inside the village. The landed the authorities into a huge controversy. Several environmentalists protested against the decision. A number of animal rights activists also sprung to the scene. 

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They heavily criticized the authorities and referred to their method as inhuman. The dogs were rescued by several organizations. Many athletes also decided to adopt a few of them. They were brought back to the United States.

 The problem of managing stray dogs persists worldwide. So does the problem of their proper nutrition. Most of the street dogs suffer from malnutrition. As a result, they often face premature death. 

To address the issue of proper nourishment of the dogs, a company has come forward. “Pugedon” is a Turkish company that originates in Istanbul. The company has a unique idea in its mind. 

They want to serve the animals as well as the environment at the same time. The company has devised a vending machine that will provide food to the street dogs. However, the machine has an eco-friendly side to it as well. 

Humans can put used plastic items into machines for recycling purposes. These machines are termed the “Smart recycling boxes”. Simply put, the machine provides food and water in exchange for recycled plastic bottles. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Stray Dogs And A Greener Earth: Pugedon’s Vision 

A huge area of concern in the modern world is plastic contamination. Plastics are a material that is currently used extensively. These are nonrenewable and nonbiodegradable products. 

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Unfortunately, most waste products consist of plastics. Animals mistake the food material and consume it. This results in them choking on plastic and losing their lives. A recent incident has been reported where a dead body of a whale was found at a sea beach. 

On detailed inspection, it was found that the stomach of the whale was filled with plastic. Plastic also has a number of other disadvantages as well. The Turkish company has aimed to put an end to all these problems. 

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Their vision, if executed properly, will feed a total of 150,000 stray dogs. Other stray animals like cows and cats will also reap the benefits of the vending machine.  

Stray Dogs’ Food Crisis Addressed By Turkish Company

The initiative from Pugedon ensures one thing for sure. No more stray dogs will have to remain hungry. The vending machine works instantly if you put a plastic bottle inside it. The area to dispose of the plastic is located at the top of the machine. 

The area where the food is served is at the bottom. This makes it easy for the animals to munch on nutritious food. The food cost of the food items is covered from recycled plastics. The machine also has room for pouring water for the birds and the strays. 

Any excess water from the bottles can be poured into the bowl before disposing of them. Pugedon has aimed for a zero-waste policy for their initiative. This makes the vending machine a fantastic step towards a better and greener society. 


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