Stray Pit Bull Smiles At Rescuer And Can’t Contain Its Emotions

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Dogs are the most lovable animals on the planet and this stray pit bull tells the story perfectly. Pit bulls can be considered to be on the top of the list of lovable animals and we will tell you why.

Stray Pit Bull

Dogs are sometimes seen as dangerous rather than being friendly and in reality, it is just the opposite. Pit bulls are gentle giants and show their tender sides to humans frequently. The stray pit bull in our story has shown its soft side when it received a home and a caring owner. All the animal does is smile and his reaction has won the hearts of many.

Meet Brinks, The Stray Pit Bull

Brinks, the stray pit bull is very kind from the beginning and was wandering in Brooklyn. It was just 11 months old and was born homeless. The stray pit bull met Jon and his pup, Demo, and saw a change in his life. Jon was dog-walking when he noticed Brinks. The caring man was enveloped with pity and decided to take him home. He did not know whether the stray pit bull was homeless or just lost.

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Jon tried hard to look for its owners and even posted flyers but was unsuccessful in his task. It was then that Jon decided to let the stray pit bull stay forever. He could not say no to the beautiful smile of Brinks.

Brinks has been living in Jon’s house for 12 years and is still around his rescuer. He keeps smiling at his owner no matter what happens and can not contain his emotions. 

The stray pit bull has now found a home and grins just like humans to respond to things he enjoys. He gives a bright smile when he is given treats and smiles when you greet him in the early morning. He grins happily during long rides and lies down in front of the fireplace while grinning at the comfort of his home. 

Image Credits: Instagram

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