Sumatran Reforestation Aiming To Improve Lives And Protect Wildlife

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The demand for products like coffee is increasing in the market as well as in developing countries. This is increasing the threat to forests. Sumatran Reforestation has done its best to reduce such a threat.

The small farmers in Sumatra are stuck with clearing their land, increasing their yield and profits. Conserving the forests might not seem like a choice for them.

The process of converting such forests to farms leads to soil erosion. The soil gets degraded and it loses its productivity. The land becomes unproductive with time. The farmers fail to earn proper wages and it pushes them to clear more forests. They attempt to expand their cultivation, but this negatively affects nature and wildlife.

Sumatra has seen such processes for years with worse results. Some farmers have chosen Sumatran reforestation and integrated it with agroforestry. 

sumatran reforestation

They have placed trees in small distances that improve fertility and increase the yield of the soil. The biodiversity in these farms is increased with the pressure on the surrounding protected areas reducing. 

Sumatran Reforestation Is Essential For Several Endangered Species

Sumatra and Borneo contain the largest forests in Indonesia. BBSNP is one of the sites on the island, recognized by UNESCO. It represents the Tropical Rainforest Sumatran Heritage. These are the sites that hold the highest potential for Sumatran reforestation and saving the endangered species on these islands. You can say that these refugees are arks of biodiversity.

The Rainforest sites hold over 10,000 species of flora, which includes the Rafflesia. These ancient forests are being cleared at a rapid pace to make way for agriculture and palm plantations.

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The work for Sumatran reforestation helps keep everything safe in the BBSNP. The trees that were planted in this project provide habitat to the animals and also bear fruits for them. You can find the likes of tarsiers to birdwing butterflies in this forest. These animals contribute to protecting the environment and also the larger animals. The Sumatran Orangutans are one such example.

The Sumatran reforestation project is still ongoing and provides coordinated solutions to tackle similar issues in the region. 

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