Sun-Halo Spotted By Thousands In Bengaluru

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Sun-Halo is one of the most unique things one can experience in nature. Nature tends to gift us surprisingly beautiful moments occasionally. The world is full of instances where nature has mesmerized us. 

The snow-capped mountains, the scenic beauty of the seas, the polar regions are all examples of how beautiful nature can be. A recent incident in India has left the whole world talking once again. 

Bengaluru is an important state in India. It is also known as the technological capital of the country. The state buzzes with corporate offices all around. Such a busy state was left in awe when a sun halo was spotted. 

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A circular halo was clearly visible around the sun on a Monday morning. People wondered about what that might be and immediately reached for their cellphones. A halo around the sun is not an uncommon occurrence. 

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There have been many accounts of a halo being spotted all over the world. The halo comes in different shapes, with circular being the most common. The main science behind the formation of the halo is the refraction of light. 

Several crystals of ice are found in the atmosphere. These crystals refract or split the sunlight resulting in the halo. The halos get their circular shape from cirrus clouds. These clouds are usually thin and have a structure similar to hair. 

Cirrus clouds are most commonly found at heights over 20000 feet. In order to witness the halo around the sun, the correct viewing angle is very much necessary. The angle might result in the halo appearing bluntly white. 

All the seven colors of the spectrum are usually visible on the sun-halo. These halos can be visible even at night. The moon can have such a ring of lights formed around itself. 

However, the reason for the formation of the halo remains the same. Let us learn more about the sun-halo in detail below.

Sun-Halo Gets People Talking 

As soon as the people caught a glimpse of the phenomenon, they started to spread the word. Thousands of people gathered around to look at the halo. 

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Everybody was talking about the incident. There were rumors and speculations running wildly all over the state. Some of the citizens did understand the actual phenomena. 

Others could not decipher the happening and termed it as an unearthly incident. The social media was flooded with reactions and tweeted about the sun-halo. People started posting the pictures and soon there was media coverage on the story. 

The reality is that these halos are not at all unearthly. Sun-halos are very much the same as a rainbow. The time of formation is also the same for both. 

Just like the rainbow, a halo is also formed usually after a thunderstorm or heavy rain. 

Sun-Halo: All You Need To Know 

A sun-halo can be witnessed in various shapes. However, the circular one as witnessed in Bengaluru is the most common. 

sun halo rainbow blue

These types of halos are also commonly referred to as the twenty-two-degree halos. The round halos are usually large and the radius is equivalent to the arm of a human being. 

The radius from the sun is approximately measured at 22°. Larger halos can also be witnessed on several occasions. There have been instances when the halo around the sun has been almost forty-six degrees in radius. 

Other types of halos have also been spotted around the world. These can take the shape of a dog or a parhelion. 

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