Sustainable Investments By 7 Global Celebrities Who Have Gone On To Make A Difference

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Sustainable investments have now become a necessity and popular celebrities are coming forward in order to help the planet replenish. The finest and most popular celebrities all over the world, especially, in Hollywood have been making sustainable investments as well as environmental activism that is expected to inspire more people to follow suit. 

In recent times, Leonardo DiCaprio has emerged as one of the leading environmental celebrity activists who has made several impactful sustainable investments. Meghan Markle has also decided to make an effective investment in a vegan coffee firm based in Los Angeles during the latter half of last year. 

These sustainable investments will not only help our environment to improve directly, but they will also encourage many other people all over the planet to get inspired by their favorite celebrities. Although there are definitely many regional and global celebrities who have been making an effort to bring about a change, we have listed 7 global celebrities who have taken formidable steps. 

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Sustainable Investments Makes The Difference

These 7 celebrities have decided to invest their money in some of the few socially conscious companies. Along with these celebrities, the world needs many more like them to take such steps. 

Pharrell Williams

Sustainable Investments

Pharrell Williams has appeared as an extremely person as of now. In addition to being happy, Pharrell has also become an eco-friendly person that is evident in his recent sustainable investment. He is an ex-NERD singer as well as the investor and owner of hat aficionado produced by Bionic Yarn. According to the reports of NME, this textile company is based in New York and focuses solely on upcycling discarded items. home Moreover, this firm also sells and makes fabric that is made from plastic bottles which get recycled. 


Sustainable Investments

Beyonce is Queen B and it so appears that she can truly do anything she wants including dancing, singing as well as sustainable investment. During 2016, she had made an investment in WTRMLN WTR which is a company that is a completely vegan beverage. Furthermore, this company also makes minimal food waste with the help of making alternative means to food waste, as reported by the USA TODAY. The company also used disposed of watermelons. 

Meghan Markle 

Sustainable Investments

Recently, Meghan Markle has added sustainable investment to her reputation. This former actress and member of the British royal family made a hefty investment in Clevr Blends, a vegan beverage firm. This company is famous for creating instant latte from oat milk that is not done by any other company all over the world. 

Cate Blanchett 

Sustainable Investments

This Australian actress has won an Oscar as well as many hearts as she invested in the Theater Company of Sydney. She and her husband named, Andrew Upton, has funded a huge green energy project that is installing solar panels estimated 1,900 in the Wharf Theater in Walsh Bay of Sydney. 70% of the power of this theatre will be powered by this project. She also encouraged the theatre to recycle and reuse old costumes and props. 


Sustainable Investments

Bono had made a sustainable investment in 2016 and founded “Rise Fund” in collaboration with TPG, his management company. This Rise Fund has been making socially and environmentally conscious investments in over 25 eco-friendly investment projects. 

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Leonardo DiCaprio 

Sustainable Investments

Leonardo DiCaprio has become one of the forerunners to sustainable investment and environmental activists. He has invested in Diamond Foundry which a diamond manufacturer, Beyond Meat which is lab-grown meat, Runa that is a rainforest eta company that is conservation-focused, Rubicon which is an eco-friendly tech firm, Love the Wild that is a sustainable meal prep firm, and Aspiration that is a sustainable bank. 

John Legend 

Sustainable Investments

This singer-songwriter invested in Thrive Market that is an organic and all-natural e-commerce grocery site. This sustainable investment will help farmers obtaining better wages along with the promotion of environmentally sustainable agricultural practices.

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